Table Protector Pad

Confession I don’t like animal printed anything. Some people don’t like spotted fabrics or chevrons I don’t like animal print. I have no problem with leather and I think it is a fantastic material however I’m not a fan of leather where you can see like scales so no croc or snake skin shoes or handbags for me. In the Winter Seasons box we received 2 pieces of pleather (faux leather) they had a scale print on them and I just knew I wouldn’t use them on a bag or purse. I had 2 options either give the fabric away or use it on a practical item which just doesn’t matter what it looked like.

Table Protector Fabrics

I decided to make myself a table protector pad. The 2 pieces were a really good size for this project as they were basic rectangles. In my stash I found some leftover polar fleece and I thought that would give the pad some extra cushioning. Also the fleece was like the pleather it doesn’t fray so I didn’t have to worry about little fibres everywhere.

Table Protector Construction

To make the pad all I did was literally fold the polar fleece over so it was 2 layers thick and sandwiched it between the 2 pieces of pleather. The cream piece was slightly larger so I placed that underneath then just put the other layers on top. I held it into place with the longer and chunkier wonder clips.

Table Protector Finished

On the sewing machine I used a leather needle and stitched around the edge the width of my walking foot. By chance I had a black spool threaded on my machine. The bobbin already in the machine was a dark green so I just used that. Perhaps I should’ve changed it to a cream but I wanted to use the bobbin up anyway so this I didn’t care. Once I stitched all around it I just trimmed it up with a rotatory cutter.

Table Protector In Use

The pad measures 17.5″ x 14″ It is the perfect size to place under my kam snap press. It is a nice thickness so it protects the table. I can also use it under my overlocker if I use that on my craft table too.

This was a really simple project but I’m really happy with it. I got the experience of sewing with pleather. It was very easy to work with. I can see myself working with it again and will keep my eye out for some. I used up items from my stash to make a practical item for my craft adventures. I’ve been sick all week with a cold and it was just really nice to sew something.



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