Hello My Name Is…

I started this blog back in April 2013 but I haven’t introduced myself. Hello my name is Cassiy


In the real world I’m actually a quiet person unless you start me on topic of craft then its hard to get me to stop talking. I don’t have a favourite craft but I do enjoy sewing, knitting, crochet and needlework. Crafting is something that I have always done, I don’t have a clear light bulb moment of when I started. I have always been fascinated by fabric. As a child my mum was always sewing so I was always in fabric shops. I remember playing amongst the tall bolts of fabric and touching all the textures. I would help with the cutting out of patterns but I never wanted to learn how to sew items together. From memory I learnt to knit as a child but I only ever did squares. I did hand crafts in the form of printed cross stitches and latch hooks. I always like doing things by hand and would spend hours sewing on Girl Guide patches on to blankets. In my 20’s I hand stitched a couple of quilt tops together but it wasn’t until 2013 that I donated them to charity to be made up into actual quilts.

mum and me

I learnt how to use a sewing machine in 2011 after my mum became sick, I decided I would like her to teach me how to machine sew. In the last few months of her life every Saturday was mum’s sewing school and she taught me. That year I purchased my first proper sewing machine, I now own 3 sewing machines and an overlocker.

T- Bella

In 2011 I made a couple of Christmas gifts but it was at the start of 2012 I decided every gift that I gave I would make and I have continued to do so ever since. It sounds like a hard thing to do but really it isn’t. I like to challenge myself and gift making it a really fun challenge. Most gifts that I make are for kids, I’m a big kid at heart so I love making all the different toys. There are a few adults that I do gifts for. With adults I like to make practical items rather than decorative. Personally myself I like practical items so therefore I make them for others. What I love about gift making is that you can personalise the gift to the person. You can choose fabric and colours that the person likes, you can combine ideas into the one gift. Princess Dinosaur came about after my niece was fascinated by dinosaurs and princesses. You couldn’t buy a toy at the shop like this. Another niece was fascinated by pasta so Aunty Cass was given the challenge to create toy pasta so she could “cook” in her kitchen. I’m now known for my handmade gifts. I still like the challenge. At times I have to really think of what to make a person/ child but once I get that perfect idea in my head there is no stopping me.

Angels Watching

I work full time in a job that at times can be very stressful, one thing I have rediscovered is how relaxing I find craft and how now its a great way to relieve stress. When I get home sitting in front of the tv with some mindless embroidery or knitting or crochet relaxes me. A weekend spent sewing makes it easier to go back to work Monday morning. I am one of these people who finds it hard to switch off from work and my mind is always ticking and thinking of how I’m going to do a particular task. If I am doing craft my mind is focused on what is in front of me and not thinking of work. As I drift off to sleep at night I prefer my mind to be thinking of my craft todo list rather than my work todo list.


In 2013 I decided I wanted to start a blog. I have always liked writing. I love writing letters, although these days with Facebook letter writing seems to have faded from my life. Strangely I was never one to keep a diary in my teens. This blog is like a diary for me to share and document all the items that I have made and things that I have tried. I like to be honest sharing the good and the bad. If I learnt little tips along the way I like to share them with others. If I find a great pattern designer or supplier then I want spread the word so others can discover them too.

Knitters Guild Logo

I’m a social crafter too. I’m not afraid to craft in public. If I know I have to wait somewhere I will take my craft with me. I’m part of 3 physical craft groups (Australian Sewing Guild, Knitters Guild NSW, Brown Owls Parramatta) as well as a few Facebook craft groups. Craft groups are fun you can exchange ideas and knowledge amongst the different members. It is fun to meet up with people and sit around chatting and working on craft.

Finished Pouches

Another area of my craft life is crafting for charity. I used to do a lot of charity work but life circumstances have now changed and I don’t have the physical time to commit to volunteering like I used too. Instead these days I use my craft skills in the form of knitting, sewing and crochet to help others. I mentioned above about liking practical items well that also goes for charity. Often volunteers on the front line use items that they don’t physically have the time to make themselves and rely on others to donate. I can make these items for them at a time that fits in with my life. I’m still helping out I may just be doing it in my pj’s or on a train.  I truly love the concept of basic skills knitting and sewing that I have can help others.

Lolly-Fly 1

I find it hard talking about myself but I have enjoyed introducing myself a bit more in this post even though it has taken me a couple of weeks to write this.