Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion

On Sunday I was making some bucket hats. Cutting the hats out I had doubled the fabric as it is very easy and much quicker to cut 2 layers of fabric at once. When it came to ironing on the interfacing to the pieces side by side the 2 pieces looked very different. One clearly looked shorter than the other. I thought I had made a mistake somehow or had the wrong pieces. I was trying my best to think logically knowing that I had cut fabric double from the one pattern piece so clearly it was correct but my brain was thinking otherwise.

Optical Illusion Fitting

When stacked back on top of each other again you can see they were the same and it was just an optical illusion when they placed side by side. Still I stacked and unstacked them several times just to be certain.

What I learnt from this is not to doubt myself. Your eyes and brain can play tricks on you. Sometimes you need to step back and not over think things.



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