Seasons Box Winter 16

I received my first Seasons box for Winter.

SB Season Winter 16

In the box we got

  • Pleather in Cream and Black
  • D Rings
  • Bag Hooks
  • Magnetic Purse Clips
  • Metal Zipper Pulls
  • Bright Zipper Pulls
  • Rotary Cutter Blade
  • Vilene
  • Skinny Pants pattern by Jocole
  • Blazer pattern by Winter Wear Designs (choice from 3 designs)
  • Tainted Love Clutch pattern by Little Moo Designs
  • Trendy Tank pattern by Winter Wear Designs
  • Seasons Emag

Ok I’ll admit when I first opened this box my reaction was “Oh #@%$ this is like real sewing what am I going to do” Some things in the box I could handle such as the Vilene and bag findings but other bits scared me. I then packed the box up and it sat on my table. I’ve never worked with pleather before or even thought of making something as complex as a blazer. It was only when I was reading comments from style contributors to the Seasons box that made me think maybe I could give things ago from this box. The whole reason for me deciding to get these boxes was to put myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. I decided upon a jacket style and have downloaded all my patterns. I might try the Skinny pants first as I think I may have suitable fabric in my stash for them. I’ll have to wait until I have read the pattern and gotten my overlocker back. The box doesn’t seem so scary now. At times I think we doubt our own ability, at least I know I do. Instead of letting it overwhelm me I just need to give things ago. I still have no idea what I will do with the pleather but I’m sure the perfect project will come a long for it.



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