Fabric Covered Headbands


Last year I got a pattern to make fabric covered headbands and this year I have finally made some.


The pattern is by Arjay Creations. I made the slim line version of these so my fabric covering was the same size all around the headband. You can make them so they are wider in the middle. This is great scrap busting project as all of the fabrics used came from my scrap stash. To stitch them I used a mauve coloured thread as it was contrasting to all the fabrics used. These will be added to the gifts of four girls, on 2 of the headbands I have used leftover scraps from previous projects I have made the same girls. I like it when I can repeat a fabric in a different gift for the same child, they might not notice it but I do.


Even though the pattern said to measure your pattern piece against the headband as some are of different lengths I didn’t so my fabric tubes were too long. Easy fixed once the fabric was on the headbands I top stitched the opening gap closed then folded over the excess fabric and hand stitched in to the inside of the headband. Your hair covers that part of the headband so you only see it if you take it off.

As a kid I was a big headband wearer so I really like these.



Art Caddy

This was the last of the birthday gifts I made for 2016.


The pattern is Art Caddy by Miquita of Damaya Designs and can be found in One Thimble magazine Issue 5 It was one of those patterns I was instantly drawn too. You can buy back issues of One Thimble and I actually brought this issue just for this pattern as it was published before I discovered the fantastic magazine. The pattern has spots for both crayons and pencils as well as 2 extra pockets, perfect for putting some accessories and a notebook. It is smaller than most art caddy patterns I have seen but the compactness makes it more portable and perfect for travel.


The alphabet fabric I used came from a Sew Box. The peach colour fabric is one I painted myself, originally I was going to use it in another project but the colour was too light but by chance it matches in with the alphabet fabric. The red fabric is some scraps I had which again worked in with the alphabet fabric. Instead of snaps you can use Velcro as closures but since I got my snap press I want to put snaps on everything.


Make-Up Bags

I love it when an idea turns out the way you imagined it would in your head. These make-up bags are Christmas gifts this year for some special people. These bags came from me having 6 zippers in my stash that I wanted to use up.


The pattern I used is the bonus Box Corner pattern that comes in the Essential Wristlet pattern by Dog Under My Desk. I find DUMD patterns super easy to follow with clear instructions and tips throughout the pattern. In these make-up bag I was working with unfamiliar fabrics so I wanted a pattern that I could clearly follow to avoid any stress in making them and having made the regular version of the Wristlets before I knew it was the perfect pattern. As I wanted make-up bags and not purses I left off the D-ring and handle. This was actually easy to do as DUMD patterns are written in stages so I just skipped the stages where it is said to make/insert the D-ring or handle. You can do that with DUMD patterns and not get lost as to where you are up to.


So I started with 6 zippers that I got in one of the Sew Boxes from last year. I needed to make 6 gifts so it was a logic way to use them up. After I made my waterproof draft stoppers this year using the ripstop I saw at the time I could get ripstop in a colour that would match my zippers. It is perfect to line these bags with. It is waterproof, you can wipe it clean if anything spills in it. I love the colour of it, a bit of fun when you open up the inside of the make-up bag.


The first time I used ripstop I had no real issues working with it. This time I had a little bit of trouble with it but I think it was due to the more complicated pattern I was making (there are few stitching lines in a draft stopper) When I was working with the reverse side of the fabric it would stick to my machine, to get around this I used tearaway stabilizer on both sides of the piece as I fed it through the machine. I don’t have a Teflon foot and at first I did try putting tap on the bottom of the foot but it was still sticking but when I tried the stabilizer it ran smoothly. You don’t need a lot of tearaway, only enough to cover your stitching line. When I was doing top stitching and working with the right side of the fabric I didn’t have any problems it was only the white reverse side that stuck.


The exterior fabric on each one I painted myself. I did it to match the zippers. I had a lot of fun with these. Painting with liquid radiance and salting the fabrics as I have done on these it is a bit of a mystery as to how things will turn out. You have a rough idea of how they will turn out but until they are dry you don’t know for certain. I had my zippers near me when I was painting the fabric and I was adding a few drops extra colour here and there hoping to get the colours I needed. As I mentioned in my previous post one of the pinks turned a little more orange that I would’ve liked so I did use the reverse side of the fabric which was lighter. There are no rules you just go with whatever works.


These make-up bags are one off, I’m so excited with how they turned out. I loved the process of making them. I had to think all the way along the process from choosing the interior fabrics, working out the colours to paint with, problem solving the stickiness of the ripstop. To others that might seem a nightmare but to me it was thinking in a good way as it was my creative brain working. Sometimes I feel I get more out of  making a project than the recipients do. I know those you do get them are going to really like them.


Sew Box September 16

Yesterday the September Sew Box was released this time there is a whole lot of  “Splish Splash” going on.


In the box this month we got

  • Aqua Whale Splash cotton fabric
  • Aqua Spots cotton fabric
  • Whale brocade ribbon
  • Aqua bias binding
  • Set of Birch Sewing Machine Screw Drivers
  • Insulated foam
  • Cap Joining Tabs
  • Pastel whale button pack
  • White Hook and Loop (Velcro)
  • Street Kred Cap pattern by Apple + Fig
  • Just Keep Swimming pattern by The Wolf and Tree
  • Sock Whale pattern by Pumpkin Bones
  • Orinoco Designs Discount Subscriber voucher

Sadly the swimmers don’t fit me 😉 so I won’t be making them but they are adorable. To be honest I’ve never thought about making a cap before but now I have a pattern and the joining tabs in my stash if I ever want to make one, the pattern goes from kids to adult. Once again the fabrics feel so soft and lush. The Velcro will be squirreled away in my stash for future use. The insulated foam is interesting. I’ve never worked with it before so will look into ways to use it in projects. The whale pattern I’ll keep in my toy pattern stash.

Once again another lovely box. I’ll be honest this time nothing is jumping out at me to say you need to make this straight away, however that is ok as that isn’t going to happen every month. All the little elements of this month will get used at some point. I’m thinking I may read through the patterns I get from the various Sew Boxes that I know I won’t make (I generally don’t sew detailed kids clothing only basic items) but reading through the patterns I may pick up sewing tips and learn techniques that I can use in other sewing projects.


Sew Box August 16

The August Sew Box has been released and theme this month is Let’s Play

SB Aug 16

In the box we got

  • 1m Alphabet fabric
  • 50cm co-ordinating fabric
  • Black and White Button pack
  • Birch Storage container
  • Birch Magnetic Seam Gauge
  • Rainbow Felt pack
  • Magnetic Dots
  • Washcloth Puppets pattern by Precious Patterns
  • Activity Go Case pattern by Love M.E Patterns
  • Portable Playmat pattern by So Sew Katie
  • Magnetic Felt Toys pattern by Shill O’POP

Once again another great box. I really like the Activity Go Case pattern that will probably go on my gift list for Christmas. The storage container is fantastic as crafters are always looking for storage. The magnetic seam gauge will come in useful as sometimes my seams are not what they should be. The fabric is gorgeous it fun child like but not babyish so I’ll be able to use it in any child’s gift. I don’t have many black and white buttons so they will go in the button stash. The washcloth puppets are cute.

With every box I get so many more ideas to sew but that is one of the things I love about Sew Boxes each box sparks creativity. I might not make everything in the boxes but the contents of them get me thinking and planning.


Table Protector Pad

Confession I don’t like animal printed anything. Some people don’t like spotted fabrics or chevrons I don’t like animal print. I have no problem with leather and I think it is a fantastic material however I’m not a fan of leather where you can see like scales so no croc or snake skin shoes or handbags for me. In the Winter Seasons box we received 2 pieces of pleather (faux leather) they had a scale print on them and I just knew I wouldn’t use them on a bag or purse. I had 2 options either give the fabric away or use it on a practical item which just doesn’t matter what it looked like.

Table Protector Fabrics

I decided to make myself a table protector pad. The 2 pieces were a really good size for this project as they were basic rectangles. In my stash I found some leftover polar fleece and I thought that would give the pad some extra cushioning. Also the fleece was like the pleather it doesn’t fray so I didn’t have to worry about little fibres everywhere.

Table Protector Construction

To make the pad all I did was literally fold the polar fleece over so it was 2 layers thick and sandwiched it between the 2 pieces of pleather. The cream piece was slightly larger so I placed that underneath then just put the other layers on top. I held it into place with the longer and chunkier wonder clips.

Table Protector Finished

On the sewing machine I used a leather needle and stitched around the edge the width of my walking foot. By chance I had a black spool threaded on my machine. The bobbin already in the machine was a dark green so I just used that. Perhaps I should’ve changed it to a cream but I wanted to use the bobbin up anyway so this I didn’t care. Once I stitched all around it I just trimmed it up with a rotatory cutter.

Table Protector In Use

The pad measures 17.5″ x 14″ It is the perfect size to place under my kam snap press. It is a nice thickness so it protects the table. I can also use it under my overlocker if I use that on my craft table too.

This was a really simple project but I’m really happy with it. I got the experience of sewing with pleather. It was very easy to work with. I can see myself working with it again and will keep my eye out for some. I used up items from my stash to make a practical item for my craft adventures. I’ve been sick all week with a cold and it was just really nice to sew something.


Fabric Box Winter 16

Sew Boxes have added another subscription box to their range a fabric box, just like the Season box it comes out quarterly. The Winter box is the first fabric box.

FB Winter 16

In the box we have

  • 1m Teal Broadcloth
  • 1m Vera Bradley Leaves
  • 1m Vera Bradley Floral
  • 50cm Triangles in Teal
  • 50cm Michael Miller Melanie
  • 2 spools Guttermann thread

As the name suggests this box fabric based, you don’t any other sewing gadgets or patterns. The box comes in 2 size options to cater for different budgets, this is the larger box. The smaller box is exactly the same but the size of the fabric pieces are smaller and you only get 1 spool of thread. To be honest when I first heard about the box I thought I don’t need any more fabric I’m not going to like this box besides fabric choice is so subjective. After opening this box and seeing the fabric how it is really nicely put together. The fabric prints are all usable and co-ordinate with each other. Even if you were to get the small size box the size pieces that you get are very workable with. Ok so you may not get an entire garment out of one piece of fabric but you can use them in conjunction with existing fabric in your stash to create clothing or combine the pieces in the box to create a project. The fabric is quilting cotton so you could make a quilting type project with them or use them to make gifts such as zipper pouches or bags. The triangles would make wonderful bias binding in any project. With the Vera Bradley fabric my first thought was skirts. I love the teal fabric and don’t want to cut it up. I’ll be honest I don’t an immediate project in mind for these fabrics. They will go in my stash and when the perfect project comes along I’ll use them then. A girl can never have too much fabric.