2021 Craft Year In Review

I thought I would wait until 2021 had actually finished before doing my craft round up for the year. For the first time in 2021 I kept track of all my makes (well most of them anyway) Final count was over 100 items which included when I made multiples of some items but it doesn’t keep count for all charity items I made (pouches, beanies)

Hmm if I had to sum up my 2021 crafting in one sentence it would be “The year of pants” For the first time in a couple of years sewing dominated my crafting for the year and in particular pants sewing. Long pants, undies it was all about covering my butt. The pants sewing frenzy came out of a need for items as I had none or the ones I had were becoming unwearable. We did have a coolish winter and I’m glad I had long pants to get through it. Our summer so far seems to be on the cooler side so I’m still wearing long pants at times. All fabrics for my pants came from my stash so it was good to use some of it up. I enjoyed trying out different undie patterns to see which is the best for me. You wouldn’t think it but there are subtle differences between the different patterns making each one fit and feel a little different, I always thought undies were just undies. My final winners seem to be Scrundie’s and Frisky’s (yet to be blogged)  I will make more of them this year. 

The majority of my sewing in the first half of the year was to complete my Sewing Bingo Card. I did enjoy the challenge for the most part. It certainly did help get in and finally make projects I had been meaning to do for some time and finish off projects I had started but put aside. As I mentioned in my wrap up post about it I did learn this year that challenges like that aren’t really for me, I’m too self-competitive and need to finish the challenge regardless if I’m enjoying it or not. Sewing for me is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, if I’m not enjoying it then I have to stop doing it. That is my mantra each time I sit down at the sewing machine but also my long term view of it. 

If I had to pick an overall favourite make for 2021 it would be my train case. It was the first item I made all year and one of the most used. This pattern really confused me at first but I went ahead and attempted it being pleased with the end result. In fact one of my last makes for 2021 was another train case which I will share at some point.

Sustainability became more of a focus in my sewing the year. Reading Wendy Ward’s book certainly got my brain ticking with ideas so has listening to the new Check Your Thread podcast. I shopped my “stash” first for supplies before buying any additional items. I was more conscious when cutting pattern pieces out to reduce waste, I looked to use up scraps and off cuts in projects first before cutting new fabrics. Even stuffing toys I used up yarn and thread scraps mixed in with the hobby fill. I have unpicked old items to use in future muslins and kept notions to reuse such as zips. All the unpicked threads and old fabrics have gone into stuffing items. For some people unpicking store brought items might seem a chore but I have actually found it fascinating as it has given me an insight into of the items are made. I hope to continue making more sustainable sewing decisions in the future. I know at times it is going to be harder to make sustainable decisions on some projects but the important thing is that I’m more aware of my actions and try to do what I can.  

Sewing dominated my year but when I wasn’t at my sewing machine I was still knitting and crocheting. I’m really pleased with my Virus shawl but to be honest I didn’t really wear it, no real reason I just never got around to it. I’m hoping to get more wear out of it in 2022. I enjoyed knitting my big Adventerous Wrap (yet to be blogged) which seemed to fly off my needles. I learnt how to knit cables and how to put life lines in on ribbing so my knitting skills grew just that little bit more. Each month I used the pages from the Ultimate Sewing Planner by Ruby Jam to document down items I made and the pattern used. This came in really handy and helped me keep track of what I actually made. I remember gifts that I made but I lose track of items I make for myself/Mr StitchNSew or for around the house. I will continue using the planner each month just out of curiosity to remember all that I make including my charity makes which I don’t always list.  

Each year I ask myself this question in terms of my gift making. If you’re not familiar with my blog I make the birthday and Christmas gifts I give to immediate friends and family. For the first time in years I felt really organised with my gift making and therefore I enjoyed it. At the end of 2020 I wrote out my “to make” gift list and with the exception of a couple of Christmas gifts for friends I stuck to the list. My first gift was actually finished late December. I gave myself plenty of time to plan out my supplies, do any prep and actually make the gifts. There was only one gift I was cutting a fine line to finish. Around October I planned out my 2022 gifts with the exception of 1 or 2 Christmas gifts for friends. In this past week I have already gotten the majority of the birthday gifts made so that is a huge start on my gifts but it will also mean that my “finished” count will be lower in 2022 as they were all counted in my 2021 makes.

Making for charity was something I continued this year. I have found somewhere local to make beanies for and have a stash knitted but haven’t donated yet. It made a dent in my yarn stash, towards the end of the year I was able to get some good quality yarn for half price to replenish the charity knitting supply. I made a few items for our charity bags and will continue again this year.

It’s the start of January and I don’t know where my crafting is going this year. I don’t want to be making just for the sake of making as that defeats the purpose of sustainable making but I do want to keep crafting as that is important to me. A conundrum of wanting to try ideas but justifying if I actually need it. With making so much in 2021 I still have loads of projects to blog about so I won’t mention when I made them unless it is relevant or ties the items back to an overall gift.

Happy New Year

2021 Charity Bags Dropped Off

November 19 – 28 is the collection dates for bags to be dropped off at Bunnings for Share The Dignity’s annual “It’s In the Bag” campaign. If you aren’t familiar with Share The Dignity they are an Australian charity whose aim is to stamp out period poverty providing sanitary products to woman and girls in Australia who don’t have access to them. The work with a lot of homeless and women’s refuges. Just before Christmas each year they run their “It’s In The Bag” campaign where people are encouraged to put together a bag of essential items that will be passed on to women and girls who need them. Whether you make up 1 bag or 50 it will help out a female who has done it tough this year and needs a smile around Christmas. The charity is nation wide and in recent years teamed up with the largest hardware chain store in Australia to be a collection point for the bags. A roster of volunteers pick up the bags from Bunnings through the day to be distributed to the different charities who need them.

As luck would have it the week of the collection dates was the one week all year that rain was predicted every day in Sydney. Our local Bunnings is about a 40min walk each way (longer coming home as we often get Maccas and have a picnic in the park) Looking at the weather forecast Saturday morning we decided to risk it loading up the back of Mr StitchNSew’s wheelchair with our bags. Luckily we made it there and back even squeezing in a picnic.

We put together 3 bags. The last couple of years I’ve set a $20 budget per bag ($60 in total) Our finances are tighter now but we still want to contribute to the campaign. I came under budget by $11 in total. I joined a Facebook group of people who collect for the bags. People would share bargains that they found and that was a really good source in trying to stretch the budget out a far as possible. It was nice to be part of a supportive group who wanted to share their finds with others.

Now to start collecting and making for our 2022 bags. The bags are a never ending cycle, once one year’s are finished we start on the next. I make the bags we donate plus handicrafts that go in them. I haven’t decided on all my fabrics yet but I will in the coming weeks so I can cut them out over the Christmas break. Having the bags made earlier in the year meant I wasn’t rushed to finish everything by November.


Magnetic Wrist Pin Holder

When I was sorting through all my craft tools in 2019 I discovered that over the years I’d gotten so many tools and gadgets. I’m guilty of being swept up in the moment and sometimes the sales pitch at the time of purchase making me believe that I needed said item in front of me. After giving so many items away now I’m only buying tools if I really need them. No impulse buys only items I’ve contemplated for some time. One item I’ve considered for some time is a magnetic wrist pin holder. I have a wrist pin cushion already which I sometimes use but I wanted a magnetic one. The Clover Pin N Stow is the one I decided upon.

Why do you need a magnetic one when you already have a wrist pin cushion?
My pin cushion is handy if I only have a couple of regular pins but if I have a larger needle such as the one I use to thread in my overlocker (serger) tails my pin cushion is too difficult to get the needle into. A magnetic one holds the needle easier and more securely. I can also use it in my yarn crafts. My darning needles and cable needle are metal so they will stick to the magnetic disc. I can either have the holder on my wrist or on the table next to me knowing my needle is safe between uses thanks to the magnet. If I’m honest I will use it more for my yarn crafts. At knitting shops you can buy a similar product but I think it is more expensive than this was.

Between uses it lives on my craft noticeboard i.e. The side of my fridge. I wanted to keep it in an accessible spot that I can easily reach when I want to use it. I didn’t want it to be a gadget that lives on my craft trolley that other things get put on top of or have it sit on a bookcase. From previous experience I know if I can’t easily find the item at the time I want to use it then I tend to never use the item in future and it just becomes craft clutter.


Craft Project Bag

As I was making the storage bag for our stick blender I thought the size would make a great craft project bag. I still haven’t made myself one yet but I did make one for a friend for Christmas.

The pattern I used was my TNT Essential Wristlet pattern by Dog Under My Desk. I mentioned in my storage bag post that I enlarged the pattern even bigger than previously so this is my XXL size. I love the basic box corner shape of this bag and it is super easy to make. On this bag I added top handles for the first time. This was the project I was working on when the ghost decided to sew (so I thought) I normally sew a cross through my straps when I stitch them on to reinforce them and the machine didn’t stop in the corner like I wanted it to. To be honest I wasn’t actually happy with my first set of handles as they were too short plus I didn’t stitch them about 1″ square on to the bag so I took them off and redid them.

My friend likes to knit, crochet and do needlework. In my stash I found some fabric which represents all those crafts. This was perfect fabric for a craft bag! When making bags I like to use a lighter coloured fabric for the lining so that you can find things easier when you are searching through it. In my stash I found some pink and white striped fabric which was perfect as my friend likes pink.

My friend is going to use it as her knitting bag whenever she goes on trips away (cause we all pack ample knitting for trips away) so I’m glad she will use it. I enjoyed making this bag. This larger size in my head I thought would work well and seeing as a finished project I know it will. I have to get in and make my one now.


Unpacked Or Just Things Shoved Where They Fit?

Once again my planned blog post has been pushed aside as another more pressing issue has come to mind.

For those who are not familiar with my previous posts we moved to a new apartment last year. We had no set date so I had us pretty much packed on standby by the end of January and we moved in April. We unpacked all the loungeroom/kitchen stuff pretty quickly (more the work of Mr StitchNSew) which was fortunate as Mr StitchNSew had surgery in July. What took longer was all my craft stuff as only I could unpack it. I have unpacked all but 9 boxes which contain my craft fabrics (non dressmaking fabrics) and the tubs they go in. Saying that there is a difference between unpacking and putting things the way you want them to be to unpacking and shoving things where they fit. My unpacking is the latter of the two. I went through boxes, pulled stuff out and stuck it where fitted. I did get a fair bit of sewing time after work and on weekends done after the move but I never focused on how I had or where I had things set up. The rooms and set up in the new place is completely different to the old place, even the book cases I store things on are different as we completely switched things around and I have different ones now. My yarn supplies are the only things I have sorted but even those still need work. Although Mr StitchNSew tells me I have plenty of time to sort out my craft stuff I know if I don’t address it soon I never will. In recent weeks I’ve done a bit of sewing so feel that I’m on track with my gift making for the year so I think now is the time to focus on sorting stuff out or at least make a start on it.


Years ago I brought the book Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter and read it at the time picking up a few ideas. In 2019 I decluttered a lot of my craft stuff including books as I didn’t want to move stuff I wasn’t using. I shudder to think how many more boxes I would’ve had if I didn’t do my mega declutter. I kept this book and read it again. Even if you are not a quilter the book has some great advice as you can incorporate it to any craft. I got some good ideas and now I have a clear place to start.

My craft set up is a little unique to most. Most people’s sewing machine isn’t in the middle of their lounge room and few would have to worry about the position of their cutting table in terms of accessing the fridge or wheelchair path. Not many are lucky enough to have a craft vault (tiny room with built in shelves) either. Some areas in the new place were obvious places for my craft supplies like the craft vault. others seem to have just developed themselves such as shelf on the book case in the lounge. My areas to focus on are

  • Sewing Machine Cabinet
  • Trolley
  • Cutting Table
  • Vault
  • Shelf Nook
  • Chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Study/Spare Room

Looking at each area I asked myself the following questions

  • Current – What is currently going on the area?
  • Plan – What is my plan for the area?
  • To Do – What needs to be done to change from current to plan?

Sewing Machine Cabinet
Current – Has WIPs, random craft supplies, gets dusty, no room to work on projects so I need to shift things around when I sew
Plan – Have the area clear and dust free. Have my most used tools within reach.
To Do – Make a dust cover for machine, sort what I want to keep in the side shelves/bins. Remove half finished projects and craft supplies

Current – Sits next to fridge. Has random supplies on different shelves. Some items are grouped together. Can’t easily find things. Things fall. Stuff gets dumped on it
Plan – Have specific areas on the different levels for different things. Use the side area of fridge as a magnetic board for notes. Have it clutter free
To Do – Buy clips for fridge. Remove all items and sort into different areas. Put items away in other areas that don’t need to be on it.

Cutting Table 
Current – The top mostly is clear of clutter. Cabinet space beneath has WIP’s and patterns, some tools. Table is moved about when Mr StitchNSew takes wheelchair out
Plan – Set a limit on WIPs and have them in some sort of container. Use the cabinet space more efficiently. Have top clear of clutter so top can be folded down easy or table pushed easily to access wheelchair
To Do – Decide on how I want to contain WIPs. Remove all WIP’s and complete them or find container to put them in. Check what other items I can store there

Current – Has yarn and sewing WIP’s
Plan – Use it as a chair to craft and watch tv
To Do – Finishing sewing WIP and 1 yarn WIP, move other yarn WIP to different area. Remove any items from chair

Shelf Nook
Current – Dumped yarn projects that need photographing. Has yarn, hooks/needles from previous projects
Plan – Place for my yarn butlers and yarn bowl. Room for a couple of project bags with WIP’s
To Do – Photograph finished projects, put away items from previous projects.

Current – Some shelves has fabrics by type. Some shelves have craft fabrics just shoved in. Has pieces for my QAYG project cut out or fabrics ready to ironed and cut out. Pattern box has some which I won’t use. Some fabric for gifts later this year are stuffed on shelves. Rolls of interfacing and previous taped PDF’s are in corner. Has some items on top shelf which could be moved to wardrobe. Has washed craft fabrics which have been used in projects since the move. Has box of knit scraps.
Plan – Long term is to measure each fabric and document it so I know what I have. Short term just only have dressmaking fabrics and craft fabrics for future projects on shelves. Have shelves neat and not overflowing. Store interfacing and PDF’s neatly. Have area to sit and look through pattern box.
To Do – Remove items that don’t need to be there. Finish ottoman (current WIP) Move QAYG project to box in study/spare to free up shelf space. Go through patterns and remove any that won’t get made

Current – Drawers has clothing and knitwear in them. Have to move spare crutch and tablecloth roll just to access anything. Shelves contain knitwear, random craft and fitness items. Has tubs of yarn which is my good yarn. Some hanging frames are broken apart. Has hanging bag of sewing tools and bag of zippers. Finished gifts placed on top of yarn bins. Has box on top shelf of fabrics. and jigsaw puzzles
Plan – Only have the area for craft supplies. Shelves to be organised. Only keep tools I’m going to use
To Do – Sort out hanging bag and cull what I’m not going to use. Find a place for clothing and knitwear in other wardrobe. Cull items from top shelf. Give away one puzzle and do other. Move spare items to storage cage

Study/Spare Room
Current – Craft fabrics in boxes. Old dryer which didn’t get sold prior to move. Has some fitness equipment. Craft supplies on shelves in no real order. Has rubbish not yet taken down to bin room. Has fabrics culled waiting to be offered to friend. Has a couple of boxes not fully unpacked (crafted related and not) Small bookshelf has some study supplies on it but not all. Has mirror which can’t be accessed due to boxes. Bags of stuffing everywhere. Has unused fan in corner. A box of yarn which could be sorted and put with other yarn. Has box of electrical cords. Some items are in boxes but the lids don’t close properly. Have trouble getting chair through doorway
Plan – Have items on shelves neatly and fully accessible with some sort of coverage to prevent dust. Mirror facing out so it can be used. Have craft fabrics arranged neatly in boxes. Have study items all in one area. Have easy access to move chair in and out of room
To Do – Unpack and sort craft fabrics in orderly manner in small storage tubs. Put together printer and move all study items to study bookshelf. Unpack all remaining boxes. Move box of electrical cords. Take down all rubbish to bin room. Sort yarn box and put QAYG project in it. Decide if shelving is needed for craft fabric boxes. Sell old dryer. Sort out shelving and put the most used supplies within reach. Make curtains for the shelves.

Clearly the biggest area I have the study/spare Room. In the old place my craft fabrics were stored in a garage on shelves. Originally my plan was to once again have them on the same shelving in our storage cage but using the fabrics since we moved I don’t know if I want to go down to the storage cage. Yes it takes me about 2 hours to go through all the packed boxes but it convenient having them in the spare room. The storage cage is in a concrete carpark with no seating and bad lighting, reality is I’m not going to want to go down there just to find fabric. Until I know exactly how many small storage tubs I have I can’t look at shelving for them. I’m happy to stack them in the corner for the time being. I am going to sort them properly which I never did before. I have culled some fabrics from them (and culled a heap when packing) but I know there is more I can cull and give away. The dryer is taking up space but until Covid eases off a bit I’m reluctant to have strangers come to our house to pick it up. Once again I will work around it. I move my chair from the study to my sewing table. We used to have 2 chairs but the one in the study was partially broken so we didn’t move with it. Sticking with minimalism I only want one chair as I’m the only one ever using it but I want to be able to move it between the spare room and lounge easily without chipping the walls so I need to move things about a bit.

I haven’t given myself a time frame to get all this done. Looking at things clearly I have a starting point now and clear tasks that I can do when I get a chance. Seeing the tasks broken down makes it less overwhelming. I’ll do posts on each individual areas once I am fully happy with them or maybe even progress updates depending on how long it takes. My craft areas are a mess and to be honest I still don’t know how much I have kept until I sort it all out.

Let the fun begin!


Craft Unpacking Progress

I have been one of the fortunate people still working during Covid as I work in a hospital (I’m not front line staff) however it has meant that I have hardly spent any time at home since our move as I have only had weekends off. I haven’t really had time to unpack all my craft stuff as I am too tired after work or have been busy on weekends doing other stuff around the unit. Last weekend I was all set to start sewing and pulled out my spare sewing machine as I have sent my big machine for a service only to discover my spare machine got knocked around during the move and will need a service too. I was planning to have today off work ahead of long weekend in Sydney but to be honest with no sewing machines at one stage earlier this week I threw a tantrum and didn’t want to be at home if I couldn’t sew. I decided to still take the day off work and focused on unpacking and sorting.

Spareroom Progress

The spare room still looks like a mess but I have now managed to unpack all boxes of crafting notions and tools. All remaining boxes have yarn or fabrics in them. My shelves look a complete mess as I have just shoved things anywhere they fitted but at least now I know how much stuff I have. Previously I had my craft supplies spread over 3 areas of the house and I have done a lot of culling of items so I didn’t really have a clue of how much stuff I still had. It looks like things won’t be such a tight fit as I was expecting which is good as I don’t have to cram things in. We are looking at getting some more additional storage for the room so I can remove items from the shelves which are computer related and keep them next to our computer which is also located in the room.

Duplicate Books

Last week I unpacked all my craft books which live on the bookshelves in the living area now. At the time I just shoved them all on the shelves. I posted a photo at the time on Instagram and someone commented it took her 8 years to getting around to sorting them out! This morning I sat down with a coffee and got sorting. I discovered I actually have 2 copies of the same book… I don’t remember buying either copy. Looking at the price tag I brought them from Lincraft possibly during their sales at different times. I’ll keep one copy and pass on the other.

I mentioned my tantrum this week. Discussing with a work colleague yesterday it seems as crafters we all get overwhelmed with our stuff if it isn’t organised. Earlier this week I wanted to just toss everything as I felt I had no room for it. Mr StitchNSew even told me not to make any decisions when I was in a mood like this. My colleague’s husband said to her don’t just toss all your stuff as you will only go back to the shops and need to buy it all again. Today I looked at my box list opened the ones I wanted which still items for the shelves. I felt like I have had a productive day off. I don’t feel so overwhelmed with my stuff now. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have any sewing machines I will still enjoy my weekend off. There are plenty of other crafting things I can do instead.



More Me Mades Gone

This morning I took another bag of me made clothing to the charity bin. I did another search of my drawers and wardrobe to see what I was wearing and what I wasn’t. So what did I discard this time

Kinder Cardigans –  I did like these when I made them but last winter I wasn’t wearing them and I realised it was because they didn’t do up. I like jackets or cardigans that do up. My torso gets cold so I like the coverage of a closure in the front.

Bear Hooded Scarf – I really like this but I never wore it. I’m not really a hat person, I struggle to wear my beret so a hooded scarf will never get worn.

Christmas Skirt – I haven’t worn this for a few years so out it went. I’m not sure if it even still fits or if it too big

Frocktails Outfit – I think I have only worn each of these pieces once or twice since wearing them to Frocktails. The top was too big I think. If I was getting rid of one piece I thought may as well get rid of the entire outfit so someone can have it all. I did keep the bag I made with the scraps though

I’m sure there was other items in the bag that were me made along with RTW clothing but I can’t think what else. I culled the items a few weeks ago but only got around to dropping them off this morning. I guess once I unpack I will go through my clothes and find what else has gone or maybe what else can go!



My Craft Space Set Up Before

I can say it now we are moving!! We have purchased a unit and later this year will make the big move. To help me remember how I had my set up before I started packing I thought I would share it on here. Crafting can take up a lot of space with supplies and machines. I’m always curious as to how people have theirs set up

I had 4 main areas within my rental unit that I used plus my garage which I kept fabric and my first sewing machine which I called my travelling machine in.


This is where my sewing first started. Before I started sewing in the loungeroom on Mr Sttichnsew’s suggestion I had my machine set up in here in a cabinet, all my craft magazines/books and few craft supplies on bookshelves.  If I was going to sew it would only be when I had enough time to set up and pack things away afterwards. I’m lucky enough I can leave sewing projects out without animals or kids touching them but when I was sewing in the study I was limited with space. I would have to pull my sewing cabinet out into the centre of the room and move things about a bit to use it. It was a nice little room to sew in but it was also very isolating. In the end the study turned a storage area for some of my sewing machines which I wasn’t using and I had a spare sewing cabinet which held my overlocker in it and the top it was used for a dumping ground for patterns. My roles of interfacings and pdf patterns rolled up were kept in there too as well as all my foam blocking mats. My bookshelves contained some craft supplies and my remaining craft magazines and books. By the end of 2019 I had sold 3 of my extra sewing machines and sold my spare sewing cabinet. Once I started clearing out my excess craft books and magazines I had space on my bookshelf to store my overlocker so I sold the cabinet.

Spare Room

This is where I kept all my dress making fabrics, sewing notions, yarn most of it anyway. I had a wardrobe which much to B’s amusement I called the “Craft Wardrobe” It contained a shelving unit full of fabric, containers of yarn, a bookshelf of sewing supplies and a heap of other crafting items hanging or squished at the sides.  In the room I had boxes of fabrics, another shelving unit of fabrics and all my paper dressmaking patterns. I also had my clothes drying airer which often would have fabric drying on it. I would try and keep this room under control but it did get a little crazy at times… ok a lot crazy. Having my sewing patterns and dress making fabric within the same room meant sometimes I would just go and play around with my patterns and fabrics to get ideas on what to make. Sometimes that was all I needed to help me relax.


In the garage I keep a lot of my general crafting fabric. This is fabric I use in gift making and for making WIRES pouches although I did have a stash of that in my spare room too. My fabric boxes weren’t organised at all and I would have to go through several boxes to find fabric I want. It was fun “shopping” in my mini fabric store but my dream would be to organise it more so perhaps all colours were together or all prints are together. I need to go through as there are a lot of fabrics in there I know I won’t use such as Christmas themed fabric or fabrics which have like a metallic finish on them which aren’t suitable for WIRES pouches. Future me will get this organised and that way I can use it more. In recent times sometimes I have gotten lazy and just brought new fabrics instead of going through it all. As mentioned I would store my travel sewing machine here but I don’t travel with it any more so have kept it as my spare machine instead.

Bed Room

This isn’t one of my main storage areas but I managed to stash a lot of yarn in here. Most of it is under the bed where I also kept my yarn winders. In the bottom of the wardrobe I also had a stash of yarn. This was big lots of acrylic yarn for future projects or scraps from previous blankets.

Lounge Room

This was my sewing area and preparation area. I permanently have my sewing machine and ironing board set up. My machine sits on sewing cabinet by the tv so I can watch it as I sew or I can listen to music. We have no dining table so in the space behind the lounge where most people would use a dining room I have my ironing board and craft table set up. My craft table is actually a cutting table which I think you can no longer buy. It is higher than most craft tables which is good for my back as I don’t have to bend so much. With my mobility issues the higher table helps immensely. The table was my mum’s and it was one of the few things I said I wanted when we were clearing out her stuff. Most times it is pushed against the wall but I do pull it out into the centre of the area when I am tracing out/cutting out large patterns as I can get around all sides of it. When I use my overlocker I used it on this table. My craft trolley used to live under my table but I now keep it near my sewing machine as I can reach over and grab things from it.

I have no idea what the set up will be in the new place but I know things will be different. I won’t have a garage to store fabrics in I know that for sure. The unit layout will be different and it will take me a bit to work out where to put everything but I will get there. As with most things I had just gotten the right set up and balance of things before the decision to move was made. I have limited time off before the move so late December I started packing away things I wasn’t going to use in the coming months. It has been an interesting task. I have had to really plan out what I’m going to knit/crochet during that time to leave enough yarn out for projects. I had to also think about the projects themselves, I didn’t want anything too complex as knitting/crocheting is my relaxation from everything else that is going on. It helps keep my sanity. I decided on a few easy projects and so far so good. With my sewing I have kept out a bag of essential tools and supplies and my projects are again relatively simple or things I need to get done by deadlines which may fall near our expected move timeline. We don’t have an actual move date yet but have a rough time frame. I’m even thinking of gifts for Christmas 2020 and as I pack my remaining craft fabrics I’m happy to even make a start on those knowing I can always place them in a box and know where they are as during my packing I’m numbering each box and writing contents in a notebook.

It might be many months before I do an “After” blog post but once I get settled in I will. Ideally I would like to have it as a similar set up but as for the most part it was working for me in this place but I will have to wait and see.



Sewing Bingo 2020

Around the end of December early January a lot of crafters on Instagram share the 9 projects they wish to make the following year and call it a Make 9. It is a personal challenge they set themselves. Although I like the idea of it I have never done it as it would cause me too pressure to commit to it. I also have a habit of changing my mind all the time too as my mood changes or I see different patterns. I don’t want to lock in 9 projects and feel obligated to make them for a self imposed challenge.

I came across a challenge PatsyPoo Makes has set of Sewing Bingo 2020. Instead of doing 9 set projects there are 9 themes and as your sewing through the year you decide which theme your project fits into and mark it off your list. The 9 themes are

  • Pattern From Stash
  • More Involved
  • Print
  • A First
  • Fabric From Stash
  • Quick And Easy
  • Solid
  • A repeat
  • Long Time Coming

I really like this spin on the Make 9 challenge. You don’t have to commit to 9 projects at the start, you just decide on things as you go. I am going to take part this year in this fun challenge. My 9 items won’t all be clothing, some will be gifts others charity items. I’m going to relax and have fun with my sewing this year. Tick things off my “bingo card” as I make them. I have a few ideas of which theme boxes I can tick off with different gifts I am making but I might change my mind and find something which could tick off that theme instead.

2020 is going to be the year I relax and enjoy my sewing


Handmade Charity Bag Extras 2019

For my charity bags this year I did make a few things to add into them.


Firstly were the sleeping eye masks. All the fabric and supplies came from my stash. The fabric used was leftover from another project, the elastic and binding were items I had on hand. A useful project made from stash items.

The second thing I made were infinity scarves from the leftover fabric of my Brickwork poncho. These are narrower than the infinity scarf I made for myself but I think are still a good size. They folded nicely to fit in the bags. The brickwork fabric has 3 colours in it – blue, gray and white. I realised I had the same shades of cotton yarn in my stash to match so I had to knit bangles to match the scarves! Knitted bangles are super easy to do. I love that I could make them match the scarves. I knitted myself a set of the bangles to match my poncho whilst I was making these.

I loved adding in handmade items into the bags this year. It is something I will do again for next years bags. I’m not sure what I will make yet, bangles for sure but as for other things I’m undecided at this time. I have 12 months to figure it out!