Cozy Blanket Complete

My little blanket is finished!!

Cozy Blanket CAL Completed

The final measurements of it are 160cm wide by 127cm long. Looking at the original pattern I think it is meant to be more longer than wider but never mind. I used a 4.25mm hook instead of 4mm so I’m not sure if that made the difference. I think its fantastic the way it is so that’s all that matters. Possibly I could’ve made it longer if I wanted too as I still have a lot of yarn left over however towards the end I realised I can sing “My blanket is made 3 by 3 hoorah hoorah”

  • There are 15 colours used (a number divisible by 3)
  • There are 3 repeats of the colours used in the rows
  • There are 3 rounds in the border

And finally…. the blanket is Trebles!!

Normally I’m not obsessed by the number 3 (2 is my number of choice) but when I noticed the pattern of 3 appearing I decided to keep it at 90 rows to continue with the pattern.

I have had so much fun making this blanket. Each time I worked on it I found it very relaxing and methodical. I went into a crochet zone and did treble by treble, cluster by cluster. If I came across a stitch problem I had a think about it than thought of a way to overcome it. I’ve done small crochet blankets before but never anything this size. This blanket is perfect if you want to try a larger blanket. It doesn’t take long to complete. You can put it down and easily pick up where you left of next time. The pattern is easy to follow. You can use any yarn or colours you like.

Yarn Card for Knitting and Crochet Colour Selection

After doing this my 2 big tips would be

  • Create yourself a yarn card if you want to keep a uniform pattern to your blanket
  • Darn in the ends often as you go and that way at the end you won’t have heaps and heaps to do

From the minute I finished this I already started to get withdrawals. I’m waiting to start a baby’s blanket for a friend but can’t start that until I find out the colour I need. I do have some knitting projects I can do to fill in my time.

Cozy Blanket Borders

Cozy Blanket CAL Borders

As previously mentioned I decided to do the borders on this a little different to the way Lucy did hers. She had 4 rows to her border in different stitches where I decided to only do 3 borders and only use trebles. I wanted to keep the edging simple so that’s why I decided to use the one stitch the entire blanket was done in. Trebles are also a tallish stitch so they give extra height without a lot of effort.

Cozy Blanket CAL Borders 2

It was hard to pick which 3 colours to use. The blue was an obvious choice as from the minute I got my yarn pack it was my favourite. The other 2 colours just seemed to jump out at me as I made the blanket. I’m not a pink person but I really liked this colour. Each time I used it I kept thinking of lollies. The orange I must admit when I first saw it I wasn’t a fan. It was just too bright. When I was sorting out my yarn card with the colour combination I struggled where to fit it in. As the blanket progressed it grew on me and found its way in to the border at the end. I thought these colours would clash but I think they work really well together.

Variegated Thread Play

I’ve never used a variegated thread before. I’ve got some in my stash so I decided to have a play with them.

Varigated Rayon Play

I found some stitches worked really well in the variegated thread. The more thread the stitch used the more colour change you saw. I was only using a 5″ piece of fabric so not really long enough to show much of a change in some stitches. The alternating hearts for example are large but use very little thread so they look very plain. Some stitches showed the colour change well such as the swirly hearts but the stitch was too dense and you can’t really see what the stitch is so it looks messy. You really do need to test out the stitch first in your variegated thread to see how it will look. My favourite from this test piece is the smocking stitch. In fact after I finished playing with this I used various forms of smocking stitch to fill an area on another project in a variegated thread.

I have a few variegated threads in my stash. I’m going to try using them more particularly to add interest to an area without having to do anything too fancy.

Cozy Blanket CAL Week 7

Cozy Blanket CAL Week 7

This week was very happy but very sad. I’ve finished all the rows of the blanket yippee!! The sad part is I am really enjoying crocheting it and I don’t want it to end. There are 90 rows in total which is 3 repeats of the yarn card I made up. I could’ve perhaps made it longer but in my mind I like the size the way it is (I will explain more once it finished) The photo shows it on a queen size bed. I’m going to use it for a blanket in the lounge room rather than on the bed so really the length isn’t an issue.

My next task is the border. I’m using Lucy’s border tutorial as a guide but not following it completely. I want a slightly different look to my border.

Cozy Afternoon Free Block Of The Month

I just came across this free block of the month and decided to sign up to it.


I must admit before I stumbled across Jacquelynne’s photo on Instagram I didn’t know much about her. However that is the joy of the craft community finding out about craft designers and creators who are new to you. After looking at some of her photos I was instantly drawn to her style. A lot of her stuff is traditional but done with a funky modern twist which is exactly what I like. I’ve decided to do her free block of the month which starts in June and lasts for 5 months. What I really loved when I read the instructions for this block of the month is that you can complete the blocks in some many options. If piecing a quilt block is your thing you can piece the block, if applique is your thing you can applique it by hand or machine or if you like embroidery you can embroider the blocks. At this point I’m most likely to embroider them particularly as the 2 stitches used are back stitch (easy) and French knots (I’m improving on those) I’m not guaranteeing to get them finished in time but I’m going to give them ago, have some fun and one day have some finished craft items.

Jacquelynne also has a free e-magazine which I also signed up for.

Knitters Guild NSW

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first Knitters Guild meeting.

Knitters Guild Logo

At the Stitches and Craft show I discovered a group not far from me met monthly on a Saturday. I went along not knowing anyone (so I thought) but that didn’t faze me as I thought the people there are all into yarn craft so therefore I will get along with them. Everyone made me feel so welcome when I arrived. By chance I sat with a girl who after chatting for a bit we discovered we did actually know each other via the magic of social media. Earlier this year she had sent me fabric in a craft swap. Yes its a very small craft world.

Knitters Guild Application Form

Each new person is allowed to attend 3 meetings of the group to get a taste of what it’s about before being asked to join the Guild. I was instantly hooked and knew it was for me so as soon as I got home I went online and joined up. I really enjoyed my day. I found about more about the group. Each member brings along a project to work on and for some of the meeting a workshop is held in a separate part of the hall that members can attend if they wish too. What a great way to learn new skills. There is ‘show and tell’ where each members shows the group projects they are working on or better yet items they have actually finished – yes apparently some people do finish projects :-)  It was really interesting see all the different items people were working on. Some looked really complicated others were simple squares to make charity blankets. All their items looked wonderful. I know I’m going to enjoy my new group.

Cozy Blanket CAL Week 6

Cozy Blanket

I’m now into week 6 of my blanket. I had to do an afternoon of end sewing this week as I let it get to about 6 or 7 colour changes between sewing in the ends. It didn’t take that long to do but next time I don’t want to leave it that long between doing them.

Cozy Blanket

I had a milestone this week when I realised it now long enough for me to cover my legs as I make it. It measures at around 105cm thus far. When its cool I snuggle into as I crochet along. If it’s a warmish afternoon I bunch it up so I don’t get hot. Now that it is at the snuggle length it makes me determined to finish it. This blanket is still exciting me particularly as I sit back and look at the progress I make on it each week. This will be my first adult size blanket finished once it’s done and I’m hoping that won’t be too far away.