Star Wars Cushion


I picked up this flannelette fabric up in the last years post Christmas sales at Lincraft. I had no idea what I would make with it but it was Star Wars so I knew I could use it for my friend. It has sat in my stash all year until a couple of weeks back when I made this cushion up. The cushion insert is size 18 and it measures around 45cm x 45cm.


My friend got her Christmas present earlier this week and it turns out it matches in with her lounge perfectly. By the look of her cat he approves of the new addition. It is funny how a present that is just made on a whim turns out to be perfect.


Travel Tray


For a while now I have wanted to make some sort of tray that you could collapse when not in use and finally I have made one. I found a free pattern on Craftsy by Angie’s Bits and Pieces. This is a really basic pattern to make and it took about an hour from start to finish to do so super quick to make up.


I’m going to be using this one as a money tray that will live in my sewing tote for when I go to Sewing Guild. I collect the member’s dues each month and I’m always searching for something to keep the money in so people have one spot to place it. This tray is perfect.


The fabric I used was the scraps I had leftover from making the Watermelon bags. I pieced them together to make them wide enough. My finished tray is a little narrower than the pattern, however the pattern can be made any size you want so you can go larger or smaller. Instead of batting I fused stabiliser to the back of the fabrics, because I want to carry money in it I wanted it to be a little more sturdy. I used of offcuts of pieces of stabiliser I had so it was good to use them up in a project.

I want to put snaps on everything after getting my snap press earlier this year. The snaps work well on this as they make it quick to undo and collapse down. You could also use Velcro or if you want to get more decorative use buttons. This tray would make a cute gift for anyone to use. I could see these in a little kids rooms filled with their treasures or filled with sweet treats on someone’s work desk.

I’m sure I’ll be making these again.


Scrappy Scotty


Sometimes a stitchery just says to you “Buy me, I will be useful in something you just don’t know what yet” and that was a case here. Jodie aka Ric Rac recently released a new stitchery Great Scott. The pattern steps you through how to make the piece into a babies rattle but you can use the design on anything. Here I have used it as the central panel on a toddler’s shoulder bag. I traced the design onto a piece of pink scrap fabric I found in my stash that was just the right size for the design. I framed it with some leftover fabric from my quillow debacle. The handle is another piece of fabric left over from the quillow. I haven’t done any hand satin stitching in sometime (2-3 years) but I somehow managed to do a resemble job on the eyes and nose.


For the back I used more of the green fabric that I pieced to make it wide enough. I really like this fabric, it must be the green with pops of pink and white that just make it seem fresh and happy.


For the inside again I used quillow leftovers. From the quillow project I was left with a few long stripes of fabric. It was too much of it to just put in my daycare donation bag and since I liked the fabric I knew I would find a use for it so I kept on to it. This project was the perfect use for it.

This bag was super quick to make up. The stitchery only took me like a day to do in front of the tv. It is only back stitching so it is quick and simple. The piecing of the bag was very quick, it is just straight line stitching. You construct it together like any other tote bag except it just a little bit smaller than most. I love raiding my scrap stash finding fabrics I can use in a project. I’m a proud of a project like this where everything used is scraps. It makes you think and get creative. For a small project like this why cut up a big bit of fabric when you only need small amounts. I’m hoping little Miss 2.5 likes her new bag this Christmas.

Sew Box Nov 16

I have been meaning to share this for a few weeks now. The last Sew Box arrived and it was a sad occasion picking it up for one last time.


In the box we got

  • Michael Miller Christmas fabric panel
  • Co-coordinating red fabric
  • Golden Slumber kids pajamas by Shwin Designs
  • Christmas applique patterns by Angel Lea
  • Wooden Christmas tree buttons
  • Santa bells
  • Unpicker
  • HeatNBond fusible webbing
  • Red pom pom trim

As you have guessed it was a Christmas themed box. I love Michael Miller designs and this is a lovely piece. It has gnomes on it! I won’t so much use the applique patterns although there is one of an owl that doesn’t look Christmas which I can use. I like the kids PJ pattern. Maybe I might play around with some of the knit fabric in my stash and make one or two. All the notions will go in my stash to be used up.

This was another great box from Sew Boxes and as I’ve mentioned it is very sad to see they no longer exist. I have looked around and sadly there isn’t another type club / service around in Australia offering the same value and experience that you got with Sew Boxes. There is one international company I’ve found by but the time you take into exchange rate and postage it is unaffordable to get. In the 18 months or so that I was getting Sew Boxes I have collected a vast range of patterns, fabric and notions so I’m sure you will keep hearing me mention them for a long period to come.

Farewell Sew Boxes it was enjoyable getting you every month

December To Craft List

I got most of my November items made / tasks completed but the pillow beds but I never got to the pillow beds. I have a few things on my list this month


  • The 3 pillow beds
  • A set of fairy wings
  • Birthday gift for the start of January
  • Plan out as much of my 2017 gifts as possible

I only have 4 remaining gifts to make for this Christmas which are the pillow beds and now a set of fairy wings. I’m hoping to start on the fairy wings in the next day or so. I’m working with glitter felt on them for the first time so should be fun. I’ve planned out most of my gifts for 2017 including items for next Christmas. I have already traced out some patterns that I’m going to be using. I want to have a day or 2 where I really focus on them and do as much prep as I can. The gift I am making for the start of January is a little complicated so might take some extra time to make that. I’m hoping with the extra public holidays that come with Christmas I’ll get time to work on it.

Looking forward to my December crafting

Spoolette Swap Day Nov 16


I said I was going to be good at the Sydney Spoolette Swap day and for the most part I was. I did take nearly 2 bags of stuff with me to destash but I may of come home with 2 bags of stuff.


The first item I picked up I’m going to use on a couple of gifts next year. I’m going to cut out the soccer balls and applique them onto something. Finding this fabric has saved me from having to hand embroider soccer balls.


The tan fabric is almost an upholstery fabric it has a little bit of stretch in it so I may be able to make a jacket from it. The dark brown fabric I’m thinking a winter skirt. I measured it up against myself and at worse I can get the A+ Skirt pattern made from it.


The blue roses is the most challenging fabric I picked up. It is a synthetic  but I think I can make a pencil skirt from it. I have a luncheon to go to next year so maybe I can make it to wear to that. Blue roses are my favourite flower so I was drawn to this as soon as a saw it. The pink fabric is like a stretch denim. I’m not normally into pinks but I do like this. Again maybe I can get a jacket from or at least a vest.


I picked up a few patterns. Yes more skirts. I don’t have these patterns I don’t think. The bag pattern I’m curious to try or at least read the instructions. These are brand new patterns so hopefully I’ll use them if not I’ll take them to the next destash.

A lot of the fabrics I picked up I can use on WIRES pouches. There are couple I will need to do the burn test on to see if they are 100% cotton but I’m pretty confident they are. I giggled when I found the fabric with the Australian wildlife on it, it is just perfect for WIRES pouches!

This was the first swap day I have been to after only discovering out about the Sydney Spoolettes earlier this year. It was a lot of fun. People brought an amazing amount of fabric, patterns and notions. It was a great way to pass on things you won’t use and to pick up new things. I’m now going to have a bag set up for swap day and if I come across things in my stash I don’t think I’m going to use I’ll put in the swap bag for the next swap. I think it is easier to pass on things if you know they are going to go to a good home. I don’t care if people took some of my stuff home decide it’s not for them and bring it to the next stash. Eventually someone will be able to use it.


Watermelon Bags


Watermelons seem to big this year I have seen them on everything. In the latest issue of One Thimble Magazine (Issue 13) there is an adorable pattern called Kawaii Felt Purses with one of the versions is a watermelon, I decided to make it but put my own twist on it. The original pattern is made from felt but I didn’t have enough wool felt to make 3 bags so I decided to use fabric. The easy way would be to use red and green fabrics from my stash. Pattern Review are having another challenge that I am interested in and it is to create your own fabrics – take plain fabric and change it using any technique you want to make your own fabric and use it in an item/s so I decided I would make watermelon bags.


I started off with about 2m or so of plain unbleached calico. Previously when I’ve painted pieces with liquid radiance I started out with a rectangle almost A4 sheet of fabric and cut out my pattern pieces once the fabric had been painted and ironed. This time I cut out all my pieces first. I did have to adjust my pattern pieces from the original pattern. I needed to added extra seam allowances, draw out an oval instead of a semi circle for the fleshy part and also make a lining for the inside of the bag.


Dried Ovals

I used liquid radiance to paint up the fabric. For the red fleshy part I used red with splashes of pink. I painted the entire circle in the colour. I decided to experiment to see how the fabric would look if it was folded when dry. The end result was the fabric that was folded underneath turned out a lighter colour. The half that was exposed to light remained the bright colour that I painted it.


I looked at the my liquid radiance colour chart and made up a green that I thought was the colour of the outside skin. I mostly used the colour I made up but I did add splashes of blue and yellow to the pieces. Where the pieces look particularly dark I used more blue in those areas.

I had to paint the green fabrics in 2 stages as I ran out of space. There are only so many boards I can fit on my ensuite floor.


When I was doing the second lot I did make the mistake of grabbing the wrong bottle of yellow. For 2 pieces I accidentally used my yellow concentrate and not my diluted colour. No harm done the fabrics are just a little bit lighter but I did waste precious drops of colour. You can use the concentrates on their own without dilution but it is more economical to use them diluted. Lesson learnt check you have the right bottles before you start.

To construct the bags I made up all the fronts. I used the finished edge applique method. In this applique method you take your fabric and sew it right sides together before clipping your seams and making a slit in the bag to turn it right sides out. I marked on my fabric which was the back side that I was cutting as I was scared I slit the wrong side. This form of applique gives you a really neat edge and almost a 3D feel as you have another of layer of fabric behind it.


To applique the semi circles on to the bag fronts I used a satin stitch. I wanted to create the white layer you see on watermelons so I used white thread. I set my zig zag stitch to the widest I could which was 7. I set the stitch length down to 0.5 My first one was perfect.


The next 2 I had trouble starting, I couldn’t get over the initial seam that was in the corner of the semi circle. I ended up having to use stabilizer underneath, start a little bit in from the edge and change my settings so my width was 6 and my length was 1.0. Once I got stared I was able to increase my width and decrease my length.


To make the pips I did French knots in a pearl thread. The pearl thread is thicker. I marked out spots with a  black frixon pen then did my stitches adding a few extra here and there.


When I painted the handle fabrics I pleated the fabric so when it was dry it formed stripes. With liquid radiance anything exposed to air when drying is brighter than areas that are not so that is how you can create stripes or on the fleshy fronts the darker and lighter shades of pink. I formed the handle straps by folding each one in half sewing right sides together before turning out and top stitching along each edge


The construction of this bag was pretty standard there was a lining, an outer bag and the handle. I did trim away some of the top of the fleshy party of the watermelon front to reduce bulk in the seam. Normally when I made tote bags in this method I leave my turning gap at the bottom but due the curve shape I had to move my turning gap space to top of the bag on the back.


As a final touch I put on a KAM snap to close the bag.

So these will be Christmas gifts for my nieces but I think I am more excited about them then they will be. These turned out cute!


It was a fun personal challenge to see if I could take pattern designed to made in felt and change it around so I could make it from a woven. Thinking about all the steps I needed to change to make it work was a good way to stop and think about the basic fundamentals of sewing. Painting the individual pattern pieces for the first time was a lot of fun as I had to really plan in it in my head of how I wanted the end items to look. The machine and hand embroidery decoration needed thought and planning, I Goggled watermelon images as research over where to place my pips. These are one of the best things I have ever made.