When Is Your Best Crafting Time?

Recently I went to draw up some pattern pieces and messed them up badly, I put it down to the fact I had been awake for 15 hours and my brain was too tired to concentrate. It got me thinking of when is the best time to craft?

Drawing Attempt 2

I’m a morning person so find that I can be up well before the sun drawing up embroidery designs or cutting fabric. Even as I’m getting ready for work sometimes I find myself picking up my embroidery to do a stitch or two or grabbing a crochet hook for a few stitches. Maybe sneak in a row of knitting if it’s there. In the mornings my brain is switched on suddenly complicated patterns just click, I keep count better, I can concentrate. Early to mid morning is my peak time. If I’m at the sewing machine I like to be at it first thing.

Cozy Blanket CAL Week 1

After work I find I’m tired and like to do things which involve sitting in front of the tv more rather than setting up the sewing machine. I always have plans to set up the sewing machine after work and it just never happens. I still need to craft as I can’t keep still so this is when I like to do things like crochet or knit or stuff toys. These are things you can do on auto pilot (remember I do very basic knitting and crochet which doesn’t involve a lot of concentration) This time of day I find is also a good time to plan stuff except sometimes I find myself more planning than actually doing.

Hopscotch Mat

I can sew in the afternoon and the evenings but I have to really concentrate and not have anything else going on around me. I can easily hand sew at this time or do embroidery. I’m one to have a number of projects on the go at one time. No way will I ever be a one project person. Having the various projects going means I can always pick up something and work on it no matter what time of day, what concentration level I’ve got.


6 thoughts on “When Is Your Best Crafting Time?

  1. I think it’s a really good idea to have multiple projects for your various moods and energy levels. I have a hard time embroidering in the morning because it’s too slow-paced for that time, but perfect for the evening. I try not to do any crafts when I’m tired, though, because I tend to be sloppy in my work or make bonehead mistakes. My sister always had a rule–never cut fabric after 10:00 p.m.–and I’ve found that to be a good one to stick to.

  2. It’s a good idea to have a few projects on the go to suit your mood and ability at different times of the day. Evening is about the only time I get to pick up my hook but it does depend on how tired I am when I choose what to do.

    • I often crochet at night too. If I’m doing something basic you can get a lot done in the evening. Anything crocheting that requires concentration I have to do when I have my full wits about me so that means not starting a new project late in the day

    • I follow that rule too about the later the time the simpler the project. I guess it also depends if your a morning person or a night owl. I’m a morning person 🙂

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