Hexie Bowl

This week I got to be a pattern tester! Rachael from Sew Today Clean Tomorrow has created the cutest little hexie bowl and this week I was delighted to be one of her guinea pigs to test it out.

Hexie Bowl Basic

The pattern was well written and easy to follow. It didn’t take long to make up and you could easily do it in a day.  I won’t divulge all the secrets of this pattern but I will say this is a very inexpensive project to make. All the supplies for it you will find floating around your craft room or kitchen. The fabric for this bowl came from my scrap stash, the templates were made from items from my recycle bin. I didn’t on this bowl but if you wanted to you could stitch it with leftover bobbin thread to free up those half filled bobbins next to your sewing machine.

Hexie Bowl In Use

The bowl is very sturdy. You could fill them with whatever you like. Here I have spools of thread in them but you could easily use them for other sewing supplies like bobbins or pins. It would make a cute thread catcher. I could see these in other areas of the house like the office filled with paper clips or noticeboard pins. In a kids room filled with hair ties or tiny toys. How cute would these look at birthday parties filled with lollies. Change the fabric around into fancy like satin and they would make funky table decorations for an engagement party or wedding.

The pattern soon will be available through the Patterns Only store. I can say I’ll be making these again cause I in fact already have another one in progress and I’m using this bowl to hold all the supplies in it as I sit on the lounge and stitch away. These little bowls are very addictive to make. They are a fun hand sewing project to do.



4 thoughts on “Hexie Bowl

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I love some of the suggestions you’ve come up with for both making and using the bowl. I can’t wait to see the next one.

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