2 More Ipad Rests

2 more Christmas gifts finished.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous Ipad Rest post I do like making them. They are gift that you can make for anyone by just changing the colour. People of all ages these days have Ipad or Tablets. They are really quick to make and also very inexpensive.

Ipad Rests

When I made them this time I really stuffed them firmly I think more than before as I had a little trouble topstitching the edge. It was so heavy on the end of my machine. I remembered I had an extension bed that came with my machine so for the first time in over 3 years of owning the machine I took it out of the plastic and used it. It really made a difference. The ipad rest is meant to be stuffed firmly. I think its a case of the more you make it the better you get at it. When I was slip stitching the filling gaps closed I kept adding teaspoons of rice which really gave it that firm feel.


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