I’ve always wanted to make a quillow after first seeing one about 20 years ago.

Quillow Folded

The fabric I used was a set of 4 fabrics called Petal Power I recently received when re-subscribing to some craft magazines.  Each side of the main quillow has 2 prints on it. I used the leftovers to form the pocket and even made an arm strap as I like to carry things over my shoulder. Both the main section and the pocket are lined with thin wadding and the strap is lined with a pellon. I learnt on this project that sewing wadding is very tedious as it kept getting stuck on the front of my walking foot. To sew the main quillow together to the backing I switched to an open toe walking foot which was a little easier but I did still have to cut away wadding from the prongs every so often. The wadding gives it a light fluffy feel. This took me several days to make as I had to piece everything then go and buy suitable wadding as the first item I brought for it was batting but it didn’t have the feel I wanted. In the end I have a nice bright quillow, I have always wanted to make a quillow and now I can say I have.

Quillow Out

Have you ever made a project and only when you have fully finished it you realise you don’t actually like it. That’s how I am with this. In my head I was wanting more of a pillow that you could sit on at events with hard plastic seating. I’ve made a lovely quillow but it isn’t really a seat pillow. For me it wasn’t comfortable sitting on. I think there is too much structure in it so it feels like sitting on a folded up blanket. This hasn’t been a wasted project as it allowed me some relaxing hours at my sewing machine. I got to try working with a new product which was the batting. I’ve ticked a project off my “One Day I Wish To Sew A..” list.


2 thoughts on “Quillow

  1. I rather like that idea. Too bad it didn’t meet the needs of a good cushion for you. Good for picnics? Or just to have in the car when you need a throw? Might be a great gift Christmas for a mum with toddler. Great to take-with for something for little one to nap on wherever they go. Looks great anyway! 🙂

    • Thank you. I still like the idea of quillows too as you mentioned they are very practical items to have and take up little space so are perfect items to have on hand. I like your idea of making them as gifts to give.

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