Paw Dishcloth

Turns out I can follow a knitting pattern.

As soon as I saw this dishcloth pattern I wanted to make. Problem is I’ve never followed a knitting pattern before. To be honest I tend to go into a zone when I’m crafting and I don’t like to concentrate or keep count. I like to relax. I decided to give it ago and it worked. The counting bit was actually easier than I thought. I had my clicker with me counting the rows. The only issues I had was twice I dropped stitches (including when casting off) but I was able to save them before the they fell through the rows.


There are many dishcloths in this style (a mix of knit and purl stitches) I like them as they are easy to make and look effective. I already have plans on making several next year as face washers as part of my gifts.


5 thoughts on “Paw Dishcloth

  1. It is funny how we can convince ourselves that we can’t do something…until we try that is! I always thought that I couldn’t read a diagram but now I prefer it. I too have thought that I would make cloths for gifts this year (the face variety). It seems that great brains think alike 😉

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