2022 Charity Face Masks

Once again I’m including face masks in with the charity bags.

I took a different approach to selecting fabrics for this years masks. I use knit fabric ties for the ear loops instead of elastic. They are more comfortable and stand up to washing really well. Last year I had some faulty grey fabric which I couldn’t sew with as it would fall apart on the fault lines but I could cut up between the faults and use as ear loops. I started with my ear loop fabric and hit my stash. Earlier this year I pulled out a grey floral fabric in my stash that I was going to use in another project but never did. I set it aside and came across it again when making the masks. It was perfect, the fabric was a thick quilting cotton which I like to use in masks. It has a purple colour running through it. After cutting out another project I had a leftover piece of lilac fabric so I decided to use that as the inside of the masks. It wasn’t the same colour as the purple on the outside but it was purple so it did look like a theme. I used lilac thread for my top stitching to match it all together.

I’m really happy with how these turned out as it was a very sustainable sewing project. I was able to use up some faulty in a practical way. I used up a leftover piece of fabric. I was able to make useful items to add in the charity bags.



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