New Washing Machine

Did I ever think I would blog about getting a new washing machine? Are you kidding me! Who would blog about that? Getting a new washing machine isn’t just a simple task and here is why.

The weekend before last our washing machine started to play up. I noticed it when a load that would normally take about an hour to wash took nearly 3. I wasn’t paying attention to the time until it had been on for nearly 2 hours. I was washing a king size quilt cover and it was when the machine went off balance during the rinse cycle a couple of times I realised it was taking too long. The sensor wasn’t picking up the load was done and it would start another rinse cycle. I cut the power to it in the end. I tried the machine the next day and the same thing happened. I had suspected we would need a new machine at some point. Earlier this year I had a repairman come out to service it and replace one of the hoses. I asked him how long washing machines last these days, I didn’t expect them to be like the old machines which would last over 20 years. He said about 10 years and advised me not to spend anymore money repairing this one. Our machine was 11 years old, I didn’t want a situation where the machine broke when it was half full of water. With the sensor failing it was time to replace it.

I have had new washing machines before, this is number 4 for me. My first 2 machines I got rid off because they were too small or I wasn’t happy with how they were washing; the clothes just weren’t clean. I have always purchased washing machines without any thought. When we lived in our old place the lack of thought process came back to bite me as I ended up with a machine that was too big for our laundry. The dimensions of the machine itself fitted but I couldn’t open the lid up fully as we had a dryer attached to the side wall which came out past the top of the machine. I’d hold the lid up with one hand and handle the laundry with the other. When not in use I would have the lid wedged open with plastic container for air flow. I did this for years. I was excited at the new place to finally open the lid.

When it came to deciding on a new machine this time I paid attention. Our laundry is tiny, it has a sink, dryer (which we have never used) and small space for a machine. Our previous machine was 10kg capacity. For 2 people it might sound big but I wash queen and king bed size linen. I think a king is about 210cm x 210cm. At times I wash metres and metres of fabric. I need a machine that can handle that. We can only have top loader machines; front end loaders are too difficult for us to get items easily in and out of as bending low and forward is not our friend. 
The important things in the new machine were

  • Physical size of machine
  • Water temperature 
  • Load capacity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Price  

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the dimensions of our machine to see how big it was. We tried measuring it but we didn’t know how accurate we were. 

I went online to the Bing Lee website. Bing Lee is a chain of electrical stores which have been operational since 1957. The foundation store, headquarters and warehouse are relatively close to our place. We’ve brought lots of stuff from them over the years. On their website I was able to look at a range of machines, I was surprised that some machines don’t have the option of washing with cold water. We were able to compare 3 machines and could see their features directly side by side. Out of all the machines it was only the LG brand which had both the heights of the machine with the lid closed and opened. That was important to us after experiencing for years what it is like if you don’t take that into consideration.

In the end we decided on a 9kg machine. It is 1kg smaller but that shouldn’t make that much difference. It was the same energy rating as the 10kg and 14kg. Admittedly the water efficacy wasn’t as high as the 10kg however we knew it was going to fit. Our biggest issue was space. We couldn’t afford for it not to fit. I do all the washing and I’m pretty good in terms of only washing when there is enough for a full load. One feature of the LG machines is they sense the weight that is put in them and adjust the water accordingly. Unless you choose to manually change the water capacity and put it at full setting it won’t fill the machine up to capacity so there are ways to save on water. I was able to ring the warehouse and purchase the machine over the phone. I don’t know what the shops are like now but for a long time it was hard to get big electrical items due to Covid and lockdowns. By contacting the warehouse directly, I knew if there was stock available, they would have it. Delivery was only $59 which included the removal of the old machine as well as all the packaging. That is great service for anyone but for someone with mobility issues that is perfect. I arranged delivery for the Saturday when I was home, by 8am my machine had been delivered, installed and the first load on.

For future reference (not that it will be any time soon) the dimensions of the machine are
Width – 632mm
Height – 1020mm
Lid Open – 1390mm
There is some room at the sides and above with the lid open so we could have gone a bit slightly wider and taller but never mind I’m very happy with the one we got. It is much quieter than the last one, I guess things change in 10 years.

Next time you need to buy a washing machine take the time to do some research and think about it. If you live in an apartment or rental property it is really important to think about the size or potential size of your laundry. Think about the existing items in your laundry and how your machine will fit in with those. Don’t forget the lid, it adds height to the machine. Consider how much it going to cost to run your machine in terms of power and water. Can you use cold water, or will you be forced to only wash in hot? What impact will that have on your power bills not to mention the items you are washing?

Buying a washing machine wasn’t as simple as I thought.


4 thoughts on “New Washing Machine

    • If you have the means to get a good used one it is a great option. On FB groups I often see people selling them just because they are moving, it’s a cheaper option for a working machine

  1. When we moved from Britain to Canada, we were amused by the “primitive looking” top loaders, being used to digital front loaders from the other side of the pond. However we got used to them, until finally we were in the market for new machines (washer and dryer) and bought a front loader. There are pros and cons to both, but I like mine. The washer is in a bit of a tight space. It’s hard to pull out when you need to fiddle with the water intake, which we occasionally have to do because the filters get clogged. Our water sometimes gets cloudy and bungs up the works. We use our dryer a lot for about half the year. When the weather is nice, I love to hang my clothes up outside.

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