Faulty Fabric

A couple of months ago I brought some fabric from Rubyjam Fabrics to make undies with. When it arrived I just put it away in my stash and didn’t look at it. When it came to using it I washed and hung it to dry still without looking at it. It was only when I came to cutting it I noticed something odd.

The fabric had a series of lines/ridges about 2″ apart running across the fabric from selvage to selvage. From memory this was the first time I had brought solids from that shop so I was sure if that was normal for that fabric. It looked like part of the design. I brought a metre and probably about 70cm or more had the lines. I took photos and messaged Rubyjam just to check if it normal so I know for next time, I was making undies so I didn’t care. This was near midday on a Saturday. I had excellent customer service from Rubyjam who answered my question within a couple of hours. Apparently the fabric was faulty and was sent out to me by accident. They apologised for the error and arranged for a replacement piece to be sent to me. Although there were a lot of lines I can see how it was missed. I handled the fabric 3 times without noticing it. The lines were only on one side of the fabric, if it had been cut from the bolt with that side folded in you didn’t see it. It was easy to overlook so I am in no ways angry or upset with Rubyjam, in fact I’m impressed with their amazing customer service.

Unfortunately I hadn’t waited for the response back from Rubyjam before I cut out my undie pieces. I just cut away thinking I’m going to have stripes on my undies. They told me not to sew the fabric as the fabric would come apart along those ridges. Luckily I hadn’t started sewing it. I could still use any of the fabric that didn’t have the ridges on it and that would be ok. I haven’t cut the faulty fabric off yet I’ll wait until I have washed my replacement fabric and am ready to cut out my undies to see how much I can use of it. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the undie fronts of backs but I will be able to get all the bands and gussets. By the time that comes around I might even have another undie pattern traced out I want to try.

Instead of being upset as I have wasted fabric when I am trying to be more sustainable with my sewing I’m looking at this as a learning experience. If I ordered online I will check my fabric for any flaws when it arrives, flaws can easily go unseen. If I am at the shops I will check the fabric that I am buying. Had I not checked if this fabric was normal I would’ve sewn new undies only to have them fall apart (even worse if I was wearing them) so I know now if I come across fabric with ridges again not to sew it. I’m not sure what I can do with the faulty fabric that can’t be sewn. I’m thinking maybe I can cut it up into strips and crochet it into cleaning cloths or something like that. It won’t be wasted, I’ll think of something.


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