Another Batch Of Mop Up Towels

I have mentioned mop on towels on the blog before. They are small towels that we use to mop things up with our feet. Due to the mobility issues we both have we can’t bend over and clean up a spill on the ground with paper towels like you would normally do. We grab a towel and use our feet, it is a lot easier to pick up a towel off the ground than paper towels.

Last year I made some baby burp cloths for a gift using some new unused towels. I had offcuts from cutting out the shapes which sat on a shelf within in my cutting table for months waiting for me to make the mop up towels. One day I got sick of them taking up space and dived into make them. Depending on what part of the original towel the offcut had come from some had bound edges already so mostly the only raw edge was the edge that I used to join them together. I had 6 pieces which I paired up to make 3 towels. I used the overlocker to join them together. When I hang these on the clothes line now I struggle to even see where the join is from the top side of the towel.

These were super quick to make and a very practical project. We use them to mop up spills but also to cover the tiles if we think water might be splashed when we are doing a task. These will last us years.


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