Glove Sewing Attempt

This was an idea I had that kind of worked but not really but it was worth the try and I did learn from it.

My hands get very dry in winter, at their worse my knuckles split in bleed. I can’t put mosituriser on during the day as I don’t like greasy hands. At night before bed I cover the back of my hands with cream and wear cotton gloves. The gloves I use I have gotten from my personal trainer over the years who buys them from the hardware shop. At the gym I wear them under boxing gloves but they tend to be a bit short for my hands. I thought why not make my own gloves to fit my hands by drafting my own pattern based on my hand.

In my scrap stash I found a bamboo cotton knit mix. I thought it would be soft on my hands and comfortable to sleep in. To make a pattern I photocopied my hands than enlarged the print out by 25% thinking that would be large enough. I traced out the hand image onto trace and toile so that I could I pin that to my fabric as a pattern piece.

I knew sewing the curves between the fingers would be tricky. I placed 2 layers of the fabric on my cutting table, pinned my pattern piece to the fabric and traced around the pattern. The only texta I had was a permanent black marker. Instead of cutting the hands individually out I took the 2 layers of fabric directly to the sewing machine and stitched around the hand shape and then cut out each hand. The fabric only had a 2 way stretch and on my first attempt I got the stretch direction wrong and I couldn’t get my hands inside them.

On my 2nd attempt I enlarged the photocopy by 50% and traced out new pattern pieces. I made them exactly the same except this time I put them with the stretch direction. Although a little long in the fingers I could get them over my hand but they were very snug around the palm and wrist. I couldn’t turn them right way out with the seam on the inside as they didn’t fit that way. When I tried them out with cream on my hands I discovered because they were so snug some of the cream I placed near my knuckles got pulled down to the end of the gloves so I had to put more cream on than normal to ensure some stayed in place. They are semi functional but feel better than the gloves I used to use.

I mentioned this was a learning project. I learnt that is very hard to draft a pattern from a 2 dimensional photocopy. I thought by just enlarging it enough would accommodate seam allowance and width of your hand but it doesn’t. The fabric needs to be taken into account. It is important to have the stretch direction the right way. The drape of the fabric is also important. Maybe a better way of making the pattern was to place my hand between the layers of fabric and pin around it to get the shape and see how the fabric fits around the hand.


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