April To Sew List

April 16 To Sew
I’ve decided each month to write a “To Sew” list that way I can keep on track with all the sewing I wish to get done this year. I love a good list, it is so satisfying crossing things off your list as complete them. My April list is

  • 3 pairs of Fairy Wings
  • Bucket hat
  • Finish a softie
  • Finish Castaway to Couture garment
  • PJ shorts
  • Attempt Peg Legs again

Some projects I’ve nearly finished others I haven’t even started yet. The last 2 items on my list aren’t essential so if I don’t get them finished it isn’t the end of the world. April is a busy month as I have most of my weekends full of activities. I will have to do mid week sewing after work, that is easy enough to do it will just mean a little less crochet a little more Janome time. I’ve made a good start by this afternoon finishing off another softie that was going to be on my list.




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