Sunny CAL Week 5

SC - Square 6 Completed

I finished off square 6 this week. I didn’t have any issues with it. I’m thinking maybe I should be starting to darn my ends in. I’m only thinking I haven’t actually done any yet on the squares.


Thanks to the Easter Public Holiday I got the rest of my Sunny Granny Centres finished. I worked on them over 2 days. I must admit my fingers did have repetitive strain injury after that effort. The main thing is I’ve now made 16 centres in total. Some still need their ends weaved in.

SC - Square 7 Completed

I’ve also completed square 7 and have made a good start on square 8. I can’t believe I’m almost half way through the squares.

If you are up to squares 9 and 10 you can read Lucy’s post about them here

SC - Square 9

Square 9

Row 1 – Lime Row 9 – Wisteria
Row 2 – Spice Row 10 – Plum
Row 3 – Lipstick Row 11 – Magenta
Row 4 – Meadow Row 12 – Violet
Row 5 – Sage Row 13 – Turquoise
Row 6 – Bright Pink Row 14 – Fondant
Row 7 – Claret Row 15 – Shrimp
Row 8 – Aster Row 16 – Petrol

SC - Square 10

Square 10

Row 1 – Plum Row 9 – Lipstick
Row 2 – Petrol Row 10 – Wisteria
Row 3 – Sage Row 11 – Lime
Row 4 – Magenta Row 12 – Shrimp
Row 5 – Spice Row 13 – Fondant
Row 6 – Aster Row 14 – Violet
Row 7 – Turquoise Row 15 – Meadow
Row 8 – Claret Row 16 – Bright Pink

This week I won’t be spending so much time crocheting but I’m hoping to finish off square 8 and start on square 9. If I can crochet at least a little every afternoon I should keep it the blanket progress flowing

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Happy Crocheting.


2 thoughts on “Sunny CAL Week 5

  1. Looking good! I’ve only done two and a bit squares so far. I really need to knuckle down and get it done. It’s hard though to take it places because you always need so many different colours. I travel on the train a lot so have to take small projects.

    • Thanks. Yes mine only travels around my lounge room. Maybe you could guesstimate how much you will get done and take those couple of colours with you. Good luck xx

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