Peg Legs 1st Attempt

Peg Legs 1st Attempt

I have seen Peg Legs by Patterns For Pirates (P4P) everywhere online and decided to give them ago. Sadly my peg legs didn’t work.

Peg Legs 1st Attempt Stitching

Firstly I want to stress the reason they didn’t work has nothing to do with the pattern. The pattern and tutorial are really easy to follow, there is even a video you can watch just to see how easy they are to make. I had no trouble with actually making them it was the fit that didn’t work. I should’ve done my research and actually read the blog post on the P4P blog about making Peg Legs before I started them. I think I have used the wrong fabric. The fabric should be a 4 way stretch knit and mine wasn’t, I used a cotton jersey that was so soft but it just wasn’t right for this project. I couldn’t pull them up past my thighs and in the legs I just got my calves through them. Even though my legs are fairly toned there was no stretch in the tights. There is a possibility I may not have had the grain line the right way. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t check which way was the correct way for grain line with the jersey I used.

Peg Legs 1st Attempt Jam

I had a minor mishap when sewing them together that the thread got jammed on the prongs of the overlocker. I calmly disconnected the power from my machine, lifted the presser foot and wiggled the fabric off. I didn’t panic or stress. I lowered the foot again, connected the power and this time started from the other end until I got to that section and went over it. All easily fixed. My thread was also showing through the seam, thanks to some online advice it is suggested I tighten the tension in my left needle. Also apparently you should match your thread colour to your garment 😛 I must invest in more coloured thread.

Peg Legs 1st Attempt Pucker

On the positive side when I attached the waistband I only had one small pucker on each side, not too bad considering I can never sew curves properly. I am going to try these again. I will look for fabric that has a 4 way stretch. For my first attempt at sewing tights or any form of pants following the pattern wise I did pretty well am not stressed that they haven’t turned out properly. Peg Legs are a great first pattern to try as they are pretty straight forward. If you do wish to get the pattern I would suggest joining the Pattern For Pirates Facebook group first as members get a special discount code to use when purchasing the pattern.

Oh and I clipped the seams together instead of pinning them. Clipping was perfect as I could easily remove them before they went near the cutting blades.



2 thoughts on “Peg Legs 1st Attempt

  1. If you want to use cotton Jersey without much stretch (not more than an inch) how much do you need to go up in size to accommodate?

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