Produce Bags

We are trying to reduce our single use plastic consumption. One area that was easy to eliminate was single use produce bags at the supermarket by making our own bags. In my pattern stash I came across Butterick B5338. The pattern has several reusable shopping bags including produce bags. The largest bag I made is based on the produce bag in the pattern but without the drawstring. The other bags I just cut from the remaining fabric I had.

To make these I used a cheap chiffon. This was only the 2nd piece of fabric I brought in 2020 which I got specifically to make these. Of course I had to pick blue when looking at the fabric colour options in the shop. If I haven’t mentioned it before the default colour is blue in anything that I buy. When sewing these together I used french seams which was a little bit tricky as the fabric was very fine but it was manageable.

We have been using these for several months now and they are great. I don’t wash them every week just when they get dirty. I put them in a laundry bag in the washing machine. They hold a lot even the narrow ones. The fabric is sturdy but not heavy so they don’t add that much additional weight to the scales at the supermarket checkout. As you can see through them easily the checkout operator has no issues with us using them, one operator even commented that these bags were good.

In our house we are used to carrying everything home from the supermarket so we always remember to leave the house with our reusable bags so that we can carry things home. These are kept in my “grocery” handbag as such so they are never forgotten. If we are buying an item that doesn’t need a bag like a single cucumber we don’t even bother to use them but for things like our bananas or potatoes these are perfect.


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