Minerva Voucher

Last year Simona from Sewing Adventures In The Attick hosted a blogiversary giveaway and I was fortunate enough to win a £20 Minerva voucher. If you are not familiar with Minerva it is an online craft shop in the UK. Predominantly it has all things sewing but there are some other craft items and patterns too. There range of fabrics is amazing!

My voucher was valid for 12 months and to be honest it took me about 10 months to decide on what I wanted to get. I spent many hours looking at different fabrics and patterns, my phone was littered with screenshots of ideas. Did I want to some Liberty fabric? Should I get a knit or woven? Should I get fabric or notions? How best could I spend it to get maximum value? One thing I did discover is that to use the voucher you entered the code number supplied in the discount code section during checkout. If the shop is running another promotion for discounted fabric or patterns which requires you entering a code to get the discount you can’t use your voucher at the same time as you’re only allowed to enter one code during checkout. Just a tip for anyone shopping there. 

Finally I decided the best use for the voucher was to get a printed paper pattern. I chose the Montrose top by Cashmerette. In Australia there are a few shops that sell printed Cashmerette pattens but most of the time when I buy them I just buy the PDF’s as they are cheaper. The reason I wanted the paper pattern is that it is a woven top and I think once I get the fit right I can pattern hack it. It will be easier to do this with a paper pattern as opposed to trying to keep my taped PDF pattern together neat whilst I’m not using it. 

I had already warned Mr StitchNSew that I was most likely going to go over my voucher amount. He didn’t care as I don’t have a fabric budget and I’m not on a fabric buying ban. I’m just trying to be thoughtful with every dollar I spend. I did go over the voucher slightly as I chose a couple of metres of cotton lace. It is 75% cotton 25% nylon. My aim is to one day make the Montrose out of this fabric. Full confession after I submitted my order I was slightly worried about the fabric choice. 
1 – Would it be too scratchy with the nylon? 
2 – Is the colour too scrub top blue?
I’m really sensitive with fabrics so not being able to feel it first was a gamble. After years of working in theatres sadly your colour choice does revolve around work even if you don’t intend on wearing it there, I guess it is the same how some people won’t wear things that remind them of their old school uniforms. I’m very happy to say that when it arrived the fabric was lovely and soft. The colour with the black mesh overlay is very subtle and doesn’t remind me of work.

A big thank you to Simona again for my voucher. It allowed me to purchase from a shop that I wouldn’t normally buy from so it was a special treat. I’m not sure when I will get around to making my first top or using the fabric but in the meantime I can pat the fabric!



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