Lunch Bag

At the end of 2021 when the ready made lunch bag I take to work started to fall apart due to the plastic lining on the inside becoming brittle and tearing at the stitching I knew of the perfect pattern I could make to replace it.

Early in 2021 I made the McCall M7487 Travel Case pattern for the first time. For those who read my post about it would know that I struggled with understanding the instructions before I started making it. Once I was in the process of making it the instructions made more sense as I got to each step. I think it is a fantastic pattern it is just the line drawings with the instructions can be a bit intimidating at first. When it came to making my lunch bag I had no hesitation going to this pattern.

As my previous bag was insulated I opted to do the same for it’s replacement. In my stash I found some insulated batting leftover from when I made pot holders years ago. For the outside of the bag I used some quilting cotton and on the inside I used nylon which had a waterproof type layer on the back. On the top/bottom pieces of the bag so that the layers didn’t shift as I was assembling it I machine tacked the layer of cotton, batting and nylon together using the longest straight stitch on my machine. I still did struggle a bit sewing the curves when attaching it to the gusset (zipper section) but I know I would’ve struggled more without first tacking the top/bottom pieces.

By chance I found a double zipper in my stash which matched in with the outer fabric. I have a feeling I brought it years ago with the intention of making this pattern at some point but I can’t be certain. I had no intentions of ever making a lunch bag until the need arose.

The pattern comes in 3 sizes and I made the largest size. It isn’t as deep as my previous bag but it is wider and longer. It easily holds my large ice brick, all my food and containers. Although it is larger in size as such it isn’t so rigid so collapses down and doesn’t take up a lot of room in my bag when I carry it. I do place it in my bag sideways but my food doesn’t get squashed inside it. I’m happy with my one of a kind lunch bag. All the items came from my stash so I used some things up. The fabric brings a little of my crafting world to my work day which is fun.

After making 2 of this pattern I do intend to make it as Christmas gifts for 2022. The 2nd time making it was easier so it won’t be so hard making them for gifts. 



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