Paw Patrol Bag

I know a little Miss soon to be 3 who loves Paw Patrol so I decided to make her a bag inspired by the show.


Ok so bear in mind I have never actually seen the cartoon I wasn’t entirely sure what to make for it so I thought the easiest thing was a bag with the logo on the front. I found this image as a free colouring in page. I traced it on to the fabric with my new light box (first major project using it) then embroidered around the traced shape. For my embroidery I do simple back stitch. It is quick and effective. I think I got all the embroidery done whilst catching up on taped shows one day.


Unfortunately the back of the bag isn’t the same colour red as the front. I originally had enough to match the front and back but made a spur of the moment decision cut the fabric in half and use it on another gift. I had more red fabric in my stash so used that. It isn’t noticeable that handle strap and back of the bag is different to the front. Once again the sewing police aren’t going to come after me.


The bag is lined with a couple of scraps of fabric I had pulled from stash. I was originally going to use these on another gift but they were on available on hand so I grabbed them and cut them for this project.

This type of bag is a really simple project to make for adult or child. You can embroider on to it any theme that the person is in to. There are so many great embroidery books and websites selling wonderful designs but I often find the easiest thing to do is google free colouring in pages for what ever theme you’re looking for. If the image isn’t the size you want print it off than play around with the sizing on your photocopier. Depending on the size area I have sometimes I enlarge images other times I decrease.



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