Kitchen Wipes

I have been making another batch of kitchen wipes for myself for a very long time. The ones I currently had were cut up old tea towels with raw edges so each time they were washed they frayed like made and became tangled with each other.


Recently going through my stash I came across some offcuts from when I made various burbcloths as gifts. I cut the towelling down into squares the various sizes that I needed (not pictured are 2 larger ones to cover animal food bowls) I then overlocked (serged) around the edges. I didn’t bother neating up the edges just cutting the tails. I only needed to do the raw edges as some were already bound as part of the towels construction. A very quick and simple project. I keep these in basket on my kitchen counter to grab whenever I have quick spills such a drops of milk on the counter, food splashes on the stove or floor. I have a used container which I place soiled ones in then just wash them with my tea towels. Using cloths like these have reduced the amount of paper towels I go through. You don’t need to use new towelling or tea towels you can recycle old ones for the project. If you want more the size of traditional paper towels just cut your squares larger.

You wouldn’t think you would learn anything from just overlocking squares but I did use this as learning project. After going through too thick of a project earlier this year and killing my overlocker I was very cautious overlocking over the bound edges. On this project I learnt how to control the speed of my overlocker with the foot pressure. You can overlocker very slow with just light pressure. When you are trying to get a thickish item under the presser foot which towels are you can guide it in. This was a useful project in more ways than one.




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