Trace and Toile Scraps

I use trace and toile all the time to trace out all my pattern pieces toys, clothing the lot. I use it so much that I buy it by the roll. All these years I have never actually sewn on to it even though its main purpose it to be used to make toiles for garments which includes sewing them together. Last night I was cutting out a pattern and I thought I could fit a narrow piece in between 2 other pieces I had traced out and cut from the roll when I discovered the length I’d cut from the roll wasn’t long enough to for this piece. I didn’t want to waste cutting from the roll an entire length for something that was only about an 1 wide so using the scrap from the length I had cut with my other pattern pieces on it, I cut 2 narrower rectangles and I stitched them together to form a longer piece.

I was able to trace out my narrow piece except in the excitement of me cheering myself for being so frugal I started to trace on to the actual pattern piece and not on top of the trace and toile (silly silly) I released after about a couple of inches. Once the trace and toiled was placed on top and traced out I had remaining length leftover on either end so I cut that off and placed them in the scrap trace and toile zip lock bag I have to use on smaller projects.

I love working with trace and toile (just don’t place a hot iron on to it) and keep as much as my scraps as I can. Now that I know stitching pieces together works I will do this again with suitable scraps for simple straight forward pieces.



Trace and Toile

Trace and Toile Info

After writing my post Tracing Patterns I decided to head to Spotlight to see if I could get any of the tracing paper I was out of. I discovered the product that I saw was called Trace and Toile. It is polyester interfacing by McCall’s.

Trace and Toile Roll

I hunted around and found an entire roll unopened which is what I was after. Although it feels a little thicker than the one I had (mine was very sheer in some parts) I have held it over a paper pattern and I can easily see through it. There is 25 metres on the roll and it will do me a while. At $1.50 a metre I’m not sure if that is cheap or expensive but given the fact I didn’t like tracing paper it is good value to me.

Trace and Toile

I’ve kept the label so that I know what to ask for next time directly as I won’t be needing any for a while and I’m likely to forget the details.