Sentimental Taggies

I had a tear in my eye when making these.

Sentimental Taggie 1

My mum had the idea to make the kids taggies years ago and purchased these ribbons to make them for the young grandbabies she had at the time but unfortunately she got sick before she could make them. When my niece was born this year I decided to make the taggies mum never got to make using the ribbons she purchased. Its my little way of keeping mum’s memory alive through my sewing which is the reason why I learnt to machine sew in the first place.

Sentimental Taggie 2

A Taggie For Christmas

A special little bub is getting Taggies as part of her Christmas gift.

Taggie Heart

I can’t remember where I on the web I found the Taggie tutorial I use. If you have a look there are so many Taggie tutorials if you’re wanting to make one. I use 100% cotton fabric squares in mine just so by chance if baby happens to put in near their face when sleeping they can still breath. On these ones I did some embroidery in the centre of the plain square. Taggies are another simple gift to make. Babies can cuddle them, chew on them, play with them.

Taggie N

Pram Bumper Taggie Tutorial

A friend gave me a challenge to make a Pram Bumper Taggie. After looking at the one she had purchased I thought yep I can do that and this is what I came up with.

Pram Bumper Taggie

5.5″ x 21″ Fabric (toweling, fleece, flannel, lycra, cotton)
5″ x 8 pieces Ribbons
4″ x 2 pieces Elastic


To Make
Take your fabric and on each end fold the short ends over Wrong Sides Facing enough to fit your elastic in and pin.

Side ends

I stitched each end first with a row of plain stitch and then a row of serger stitch. Insert elastic stretching to fit and pin.

Fold your rectangle in half Right Sides Facing. Take each ribbon fold in half and pin along open edge of rectangle with the loops facing inwards ensuring the ribbon ends are over the edge of the rectangle.

Fold and pin ribbon

Stitch along the rectangle with a good 1/4 inch seem. Sew a second row of stitching on the inside of the your first row just to ensure the ribbons have been doubled stitched. Trim ribbon tales and do a row of serger stitch over the edge.

Trimmed and Ready

Turn out and you have own Pram Bumper Taggie.

Pram Bumper with Taggie