Bee Pin Cushion

Bee Pin Cushion Front

I had a leftover rectangle piece of fabric that had backing embroidery stabilizer on it so I made a pin cushion to add to my Bee Still My swap. I was looking online for a bee shape when I thought I can draw a bee so I got out a frixion pen, folded the fabric in half and drew a bee onto one half of the fabric. On the other half I free hand wrote some inspiring words (I do love a good pun)

Bee Pin Cushion Back

As with most embroidery that I do this is all hand backstitched. It didn’t take long and was a great way to spend a couple of hours in front of the tv. Once I was finished I only had to stitch 3 seams due to the fold in the fabric and fill it with walnut shells. I’m really happy with this. I was using scraps and supplies I had just sitting doing nothing. Pin cushions are practical items for sewers as you can never have enough of them.


Animal Lovers Mug Rugs

Now that my friend has received her birthday gift I can reveal what I made her. I created 2 mug rugs with an animal theme.

Animal Lovers Mug Rug Dog

I found the pattern “My Dog Owns My Heart” in Home Sewn Gifts magazine. The design was for a mini quilt but I decided to just use the phrase and make it into a mug rug. I free hand wrote the words on with a frixon pen and drew a basic dog bone shape. I embroidered over the top with back stitch before ironing away any ink marks. The quilting lines are simple but really create interest in another wise plain area. They are in a purple colour that isn’t showing up well in the photo.

Animal Lovers Mug Rug Dog 2

On the back I used a dog themed fabric. I really like how the quilting lines add interest to the back without taking anything away from the fabric. I attempted to make continuous bias binding but something went a little wrong (I think I rushed it) so the binding is a bit rustic. I need to work on my binding more.


Animal Lovers Mug Rug Cat

Using the same theme I decided to make a cat one too. I did it in the exact same way this time drew a paw. For the binding on this one I just simply double folded the backing fabric over to create the border / edge. The quilting is very simple. I quilted both these the weekend after I did the Deborah Louie class so it was great to put the skills I learnt into place. I really like the drag and drop technique to jump over an area.

Animal Lovers Mug Rug Cat 2
This photo was taken before I did finished the binding. These were the projects I was working on at the Sew-a-thon.  I used the same purple thread as the dog one. Again I like the back of this one as the lines add a slight bit of interest but blend in the with the design.

All fabrics used in these 2 mug rugs came from my stash. I raided my stash looking for fabric and found 2 fat quarters which were perfect. The white calico I have a heap of and is coming in handy in many projects. I like keeping with Sew My Stash theme this year. I’ll be honest I am adding to my stash at times but where at all possible I’m trying to use more stash than I add to it.




Easter Long Weekend Crafting

Prior to the long weekend I had big sewing plans of making a bag but then I discovered that in a couple of weeks Leesa will be doing a bag making challenge so I will make the bag then. Instead I had a very relaxed weekend pottering around working on random craft. Half of the weekend was very wet which was perfect for indoor crafting.

Easter Embroidery

I traced up a few stitcheries so did a lot of hand embroidery. Dvd’s and embroidery the perfect combination. I can’t reveal what these are yet but they are for a couple of Instagram swaps I’m involved in. I can spend hours doing embroidery and love every minute of it. I take regular breaks so my hands don’t get sore. Over the weekend I lost count of the hours I was doing embroidery. I have a few UFP’s now as a result of it.

Easter Sewing

I got out my sewing machine and worked on some baby blocks which are for a birthday gift in July. Because they are so multi-coloured I decided to use up my random half bobbins so it was a great way to declutter the thread and get some bobbins back. My sewing machine is set up in the middle of my lounge room so it was sewing and tv. I forgot how therapeutic it is just to stitch. 4hrs happened without me even realising.

Cozy Blanket

The wet wintery weather was calling me to work on my blanket so I got some of that done. Again its the perfect thing to do in front of the tv.

Easter Preperation

I did a bit of organising for upcoming projects so I printed out patterns and looked through mags for inspiration for different projects. I printed all the patterns I just haven’t traced them out yet. At least if the patterns are printed I can trace them out when I get a chance.

Easter Shopping

I did some online shopping for random craft supplies. Lincraft had a 30% storewide sale so I did go to the shops for that to buy some supplies that I need like zippers and quilting cotton. I’m trying not to buy any fabric but I needed a particular colour which I didn’t have in my stash so I know that will be used up. Also I needed netting for the Sugar Plum Fairy I’m going to make.

Overall I enjoyed my long weekend of random crafting. It was great to spend a few days getting craft done without any pressure to get projects completed. I was crafting all day in my pyjamas and it was brilliant. Last December I gave up chocolate so I was indulging in craft all weekend. It’s better for my waistline.

Sewing Love Mug Rug

This is yet another mug rug I finished in January but had to wait until this month to share.

Sewing Mug Rug Front

This mug rug is a combination of 2 separate designs that I liked decided to use in one piece. The stitchery is a block from ‘Sew and Sew’ by Lyn Briggs in Country Threads Vol 15 No 7. It’s the perfect size for a mug rug. I was drawn to it instantly. I traced it onto some calico from my stash and the did all the embroidery in backstitch except for the running stitch around the inner heart.

Mug Rug Book

When I got Mug Rugs by Christina Rolf I came across the sewing machine design. The pattern was larger and had I ♥ sewing in the design so I just modified it to fit the mug rug. This is really the first time I’ve done needle turn applique so I was pretty pleased with my attempt. Both fabrics used was leftover scraps previous projects.

Sewing Mug Rug Back

The backing fabric is scrap I found in my scrap stash that I cut and pieced to fit. The binding was another strip I found in my scrap stash. I only did simple quilting lines as at this stage I didn’t know how quilt something like this. It measure 6″ x 10″

Friendship Mug Rug

I finished this back in January but I had to wait until it was given as a gift so I could share it.

Friendship Mug Rug Front

This stitchery design I used was a block from ‘Sew and Sew’ by Lyn Briggs in Country Threads Vol 15 No 7. I didn’t use the full design of the stitchery only selecting parts of it. In my scrap stash I found the purple rectangles and pieced them to fit the size of the stitchery.

Friendship Mug Rug Back

On the back I found my strips from my stash and pieced them to fit. The binding is yet another scrap strip. The quilting on this was my first attempt at ditch quilting. For a first attempt I was really pleased with it. It’s not a fancy quilted mug rug but I got to try something new, really practice my quilting and make a practical gift at the same time.

Embroidered Pillows

Embroidered Pillow 1
These are the last of the Christmas gifts I made this year. I wanted simple projects as I learnt the embroidery element of my sewing machine.

Embroidered Pillow 2

The pillow fronts are what I made when the stabilizer incident occurred. On the embroidery machine I the stitched the child’s name on the fabric then roughly free hand drew flowers with washaway pen that I hand embroidered over the lines adjusting the shape of each petal as I went.

Embroidered Pillow 3

What I really like about this project is that it incorporates both hand and machine embroidery. I love the look of machine embroidery, its fascinating to sit back and watch the machine do its thing but I will always love hand stitching.

Washaway Stabilizer Gone Wrong

Washaway Stabilizer Attempt 1
I used washaway stabilizer for the first time on a few pieces I was going to embroider. After I finished all the needle work on the pieces it came to removing the stabilizer. Before I used it I read the instructions but when it came to actually removing the stabilizer I didn’t refer back to them. When I placed the pieces in the machine I left all the excess stabilizer on the back of them and didn’t remove it. Not a good idea I discovered. When I open the lid of the machine it was very much an Uh Oh moment as in front of me looked like I had washed 10 tissues at once. On the bottom of my machine was also big chunks of stabilizer. The piece of stabilizer remained on the back of each piece it was just a lot thinner than before it went into the machine. I peeled off all the stabilizer I could from the pieces than put them through the machine again. This time they were a lot better. The good news is that the washaway pen I used disappeared in the first wash.

So lesson learnt, I need to remove the excess stabilizer from the items before I wash them. This will be a mistake I shall only make once.