First Beanie

I can now add beanie making to my list of knitting skills

Grean Beanie

This pattern is the “Custard Beanie” from the Better Homes and Garderns Your Knitting & Crochet Collection magazine. It actually super simple to make as it’s only one rectangle piece done in garter stitch that is mattresses seamed together at the sides and then gathered together at the top with a running stitch. I’m sure you could make it in various sizes by adjusting the amount of stitches you cast on and how long you knit the rectangle piece. If you wanted to make it fancy you could add a flower or pom pom. I know this is a pattern I’m going to continue making over and over. This is for my stash of items for KOGO


Moss Knit Scarf

I’ve learnt another knitting stitch, the moss stitch.

Moss Stitch Scarf

At first I thought this stitch would be complicated and require a lot of concentration but it was fairly simple. Admittedly in one section I did make a tiny error and you can see a slight change to the pattern but for the most part I had no trouble with it. This is another scarf for the KOGO project. I found a small ball of yarn in my stash and used it up. I’m calling this a child’s scarf due to the shorter length.

KOGO Scarf Complete

KOGO Scarf Finished

I completed my scarf for the KOGO Project┬áIt only took me the weekend to make it and I only used 1 ball of yarn. I wanted to use a colour which was unisex so that it could be given to anyone who needs it. This will be the first of many items I donate to this organisation. What I really like about this group is that the yarn doesn’t always need to be 100% wool so I can use up my stash of acrylic yarn.

New Project KOGO Scarf

I’m really in a knitting mood at the moment. It may be due to it’s all wintery and cold, or it may be the fact I’m a little tired and want something simple to do in front of the tv. Yesterday I heard about the KOGO organisation and instantly thought it was something I wanted to contribute to.

KOGO Scarf Start

A scarf is a simple project that I can do. I grabbed some yarn from my stash and a pair of 7 1/2mm needles. I wanted a larger needle than I normally use to knit it faster. These needles were my nans. I decided also to make this project into a learning experience for myself by making up a simple rib pattern. I cast on 25 stitches and working a pattern of 5 knit 5 purl did my first row. I repeated this in reverse on the 2nd row and carried on from there. A couple of times I’ve had to do some reverse knitting due a slight miscount. When finished this will be the biggest project I’ve done in a stitch other than garter stitch.