Sleep Eye Masks

Sleep eye masks were something I had been wanting to make for many years. Very early on one of the first sewing books I brought had a pattern in them and from that point on I thought yep one day I will get around to it.

The book I brought was The Pattern Companion Sewing. It has a variety of patterns in it from toys to clothing to accessories around the house. To be honest a lot of the patterns in it I wouldn’t make but it did have an eye mask pattern in it. It is an interesting little book to flick through if you ever come across it.

I was looking at making one for myself but decided they would be great to add into some charity bags I put together each year for Share The Dignity which is a charity that supports homeless woman and woman who have come from abusive relationships. At the start of each year I start collecting items (toiletries, personal care items etc) so by the end of the year I have several bags full of items to donate. I thought eye masks might be something useful if someone is staying in a shelter or sleeping in a place where it may not be as dark as you want it.

This was a complete stash busting project. The front and back fabrics were offcuts from a gift last year. The elastic came from my stash and the binding was from some fabric I am using this year that just happened to be close as I was making these so I grabbed it. The batting used inside them was also an offcut I found in my stash. These were very simple to make, I hand stitched the binding in place after I stitched it to the front with machine but this didn’t take very long. Hand sewing is something I casually do in front of the tv.

I’m glad I finally got in and made these. I use mine often now and hopefully whoever gets the bags this year I put together gets use out of it too.



To Sew List Jan 19

Back in August I did my clothing “To Sew” list with a plan to update it every 6 months so perfect time to post it on January 1. My list isn’t set in stone and if I don’t make everything or even anything on it I am not bothered, it is more of a reminder to myself of patterns I want to make when I think I want to sew myself something but what… To recap this was my list

  • Concord t-shirt
  • Springfield top
  • Turner dress
  • Cedar dolman top
  • Concord t-shirt dress
  • Scrundlewear
  • Calista curvy bra
  • York pinafore
  • Hollings Circle skirt
  • Rusholme A-Line skirt
  • Finsbury  Bubble skirt
  • Fallowfield  pencil skirt
  • Roehampton culottes
  • Brighton Front Opening skirt
  • Derwent Wide Leg trousers
  • Winnats tank
  • Monsal Lounge pants
  • Longshaw skirt

Well I am happy to say that I have gotten a lot of the pieces made including making 2 York’s as I really liked the pattern and I have made all the patterns from A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Knitted Fabric. Some of the items do need tweaking just because of the fit and I am having issues with my curved shoulders (too much computer work) I was able to use up a lot of fabric from my stash making the different pieces which was good but saying that I kept adding to my stash at the same time!

This is my latest to sew list

  • Turner dress – Cashmerette
  • Appleton dress – Cashmerette
  • Pembroke dress – Cashmerette
  • Appleton dress – Cashmerette
  • Cedar dolman top – Cashmerette
  • Concord t-shirt dress – Cashmerette
  • Scrundlewear – Stitch Upon A Time
  • Bunzies – Stitch Upon A Time
  • Calista curvy bra – Stitch Upon A Time
  • Quicker knickers – Little Finch
  • Poppy bralette – House of Morrighan
  • Robbie pants – Tessuti
  • Black Winnats top – Wendy Ward
  • Black hoodie/cardigan/jacket (no pattern yet)
  • Hollings Circle skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Rusholme A-Line skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Finsbury  Bubble skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Fallowfield  pencil skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Roehampton culottes – Wendy Ward
  • Brighton Front Opening skirt – Wendy Ward

I still have the remaining skirts from A Beginner’s Guide To Making Skirts as I haven’t gotten to those yet. I now have 3 undie patterns that I want to try, I have so many knit scraps left that I really just want to use them up on undies. The Calista is still something I would like to try but I have also found another bra pattern which looks kind of easy so will try that too. The Appleton dress is what I want to make for Frocktails so I need to get in and start sewing that. The Robbie pants are just something I saw this past weekend, a friend has made them few times and she looks fabulous in them so I thought I would give them a try. Prior to the lasted Dr Who this year I was wanting a long hoodie/cardigan/jacket but after watching the series I have really fallen in love with her jacket. I want to make something similar but in black. In my mind I can see a long hoodie type cardigan that does up with a zip, I haven’t got a pattern yet but I haven’t seriously looked around for anything yet either.

As mentioned for the pieces from my last list I was able to use up a lot of fabric from my stash, particularly when making the pieces from A Beginner’s Guide To Knitted Fabrics where I used fabrics that I wasn’t sure how else I would use them such as white fabrics. Since my last list I have been adding to my stash. Over this past few days I have ordered another 6 metres of fabric alone, it was on sale and hopefully can be used for 2 of the items on my new list. Now I am a bit more picky on how much I buy and try to buy with a purpose in mind. I raided my stash to find fabric for my Appleton dress so I will use the black/white daisy fabric. The Sesame Street fabric is newly acquired, it will probably be another Turner skirt but with the faces only on the front and a plain black back. I wasn’t able to buy enough to make a full turner skirt so will team it up with black fabric from my stash.

There is no pressure on myself to get all my items made. I’m just going to make myself clothing when I am in the mood.


Leftover Scarf

Once I cut out my basket weave skirt I had some fabric leftover from it. The piece was an odd size, not really large enough to do anything with but too much to just throw out. As the fabric was really unusual in texture it was very hard to add it to another piece of fabric and use it as a trim.

I decided to make just a simple scarf and I do mean simple. All I did was fold it across the width of the fabric and trim the sides with my rotary cutter and ruler so they were both even. As my overlocker still had brown thread on it from making the skirt I ran each side of the scarf through my overlocker. As the ends were the selvage and were finished I didn’t have to worry about those. I made sure that I went in the same direction on both sides so that my overlocker stitches would be the same on both sides. After both sides were done I just weaved in all 4 overlocker tails like I do with whenever I have end tails. It maybe took 2 minutes to cut, 5 minutes to sew and finally 10 mins to do all my tails.

The final piece is 8″ x 48.5″ It isn’t a large scarf but enough to be a matching accessory with my skirt. I never wear accessories but it is something I would like to do more of. I’m really happy with this leftover scarf. It is making me think about accessories more and what I could make. I used to wear a lot necklaces and jewelry but these days I don’t. I think I need to start making more things for me… and not just make them but wear them too.


Green Snake

I stumbled across this free Spiral Toy pattern from Flosstyle and knew instantly I wanted to make it. This toy is a great baby gift. It is designed to be able to wrap around most pram bars and cot rails. This one will be given as a baby shower gift.


When I saw this toy my first thought was that’s crying out to be a snake. I followed the pattern, cutting out all the spirals, joining and pinning them as per instructions. Once I pinned the 2 sides together  with a marking pen I shaped the 2 ends narrower to be a head and a tail and used the pen line as my stitching line when I got to these parts. Also I added more stuffing gaps then the pattern to make it easier to stuff at the end. To avoid injury I used a chop stick this time to stuff it (chop stick now lives in my bag of stuffing) For the tongue I cut out a tongue shape in felt and inserted into the seam line just as I did with the ribbon tags. The eyes I appliqued on once the snake was stuffed. The iris’s aren’t the most perfect I’ve done but still look pretty good.

This is a real sew my stash project as all the fabric came from my stash and were actually leftovers from previous projects. The wool felt used on the eyes and tongue came from my stash as well. This took no time to make and really could be made for any child not just a baby


Doll Quilt From Scraps

On my Christmas gift list is to make a doll blanket to go with one of the toys. Previously I’ve always crochet my doll blankets but this year as I have a number of crochet and knitting items on my list I decided to make it out of fabric instead and in the process use up some of my fabric scraps.

Doll Quilt Front

The front is just strip pieces I found in my stash. I decided to keep it in green tones. As there was yellow in the sunflowers I decided to include the tractor strip with the yellow background as I thought this would be a good chance to use it without the need to cut it up further and lose any of the print.

Doll Quilt Back

It feels like a quilt as in the centre I have a piece of polar fleece scrap that I found amongst my fabric off cuts. The backing piece is from my stash of mum’s old pj’s. It is cotton and has a slight mint green tone to it.

So at the moment this will be used as a doll quilt or blanket but since it is so simple it can be later used as a table runner or shelf liner. There is the ability for it to grow with the child.