I have finished my first ever crocheted toy a little football.

I was wanting to make a football for a newborn gift. I knew I could sew one but I wanted to try making one out of yarn for a change. I searched online and found a great little pattern on Interweave. It was in US terms and I am used to using UK terms so it took me a little bit to get my head around which stitch they were referring too in it. It is a very simple pattern and worked up pretty quickly. The only thing I found a little confusing with the pattern and I’m not totally happy with is the top laced up section. The pattern just says to refer to a picture on the page on how to lace it up but the picture doesn’t give you a good indication on how you actually do it. My one doesn’t look too bad but it would have been easier with actual instructions. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK which is an acrylic and I used a 3.5mm hook.

I had never done any form of shaping before in crochet. This was a really great pattern to start on. The ball in made up 4 pieces that are joined to form the oval shape. All but one turned out the same size, I have no idea why but one was a little larger and I can’t remember if it was my first one or second one. It all joined up the same and you can’t notice on the final piece. The only thing I did differently to the pattern instructions was they said to slip stitch around the edge of each piece and I did a UK double crochet instead. Once I joined all my pieces there was a gap in either end which I closed up using some of my end tails. All other end tails I didn’t weave in I just left them long inside. I was fastening off each time I joined a piece I just wasn’t cutting the yarn so it is secure and shouldn’t unravel.

I’m now inspired to try doing other crocheted toys. I did each panel in sections and marked every 10 rows so if I did have to frog back I had row placings so I could keep count. It was fun to do but was something that had to be done with total concentration, no talking, no tv.

I would like to mention that Interweave had really good customer service. There was a mix up and I accidentally purchased 2 copies of the pattern at once and due to trying to work out the exchange rate in my head I didn’t notice until I got my receipt emailed to me and saw the quantity as 2. I emailed Interweave and explained what had happened, they replied back very quickly and refunded the cost of one pattern within a couple of days. They were wonderful.


Pink Swirl

I made the Pink Peppermint blanket using some spare balls of pink yarn I had in my stash but I was left with small scraps of leftovers from it. If I didn’t have enough yarn to do a row I started a new ball so I ended up these odd size scraps. I decided to knot them all together and make a yarn cake with them using my electric ball winder, variegated or multi coloured yarn cakes are very popular at the moment so why not make you own from scraps.

I decided to crochet up a granny square as they are the easiest to make when you don’t know if you have enough yarn. Granny squares also make great toy blankets. The random colour lengths were due to the length of scraps I had, confession as I was making up the yarn cake at one point I did cut one colour as it seemed to lot of it and tie in the other colour so there is a little human intervention in this. The final blanket has turned out to have a bit of a swirl shape which I think was due to each round I wasn’t tying in a new colour I was just chaining up and starting the round, also I wasn’t turning my work I was just going in the same direction each time. I’m not worried about the shape, it just adds to the fun of it. This blanket will go to my nieces so their dollies can have a matching blanket to theirs.

It was a fun experiment to make up my own yarn cake from scraps. I’m going to do this again with leftover wool scraps from the various blankets I’ve done as gifts so I can make WIRES pouches from them. I don’t care if there are knots in my yarn as I’m working (some people don’t like knots in the middle of rows) I have lots of scraps and it will be good to use them up


Charity Face Cloths


This year my department at work is collecting for the Share The Dignity “Its In The Bag” campaign. The idea is to get an old handbag (or purchase one from a charity shop) and fill the bag with items that a woman in crisis accommodation or who is homeless might need. I crocheted these facecloths to go inside the different bags. Someone else donated cakes of soap so together they will put in a few of the bags. These took me no time at all to whip up, crochet in front of the tv. I like that I can use my crochet skills (even if they are just basic) to give a little happiness to someone in need. I think this is a wonderful campaign and I’m honoured to be able to contribute to it in a small way.


Pamuke Blanket Finished

The good news is that my Pamuke Blanket is finished and all wrapped up to give to my trainer next month.

Pamuke Finished

The finished blanket measures approximately 62″ x 67″ The main part of the blanket is made is a granny stripe. I just keep doing row after row until I used 5 balls of each colour. For the border I did 3 rows of regular trebles and a final row of crab stitch to finish it off. I really liked the crab stitch edge. It gave a little bit of texture and difference to the blanket but still kept it very simple looking.

This is the largest blanket I’ve made I think. As I was making it didn’t seem that big it was only when it was placed flat on the queen size bed you get a true a sense of the size of it. I am so happy with the way it has turned out. Even though it is a wedding gift I wanted to keep it simple. This blanket is just one you can grab and use and when it gets dirty stick it in the washing machine. A gift you can easily use, to me that is the perfect gift.


Peaches And Cream

Peaches and Cream

I was feeling like some mindless crochet this week so I whipped up another dishcloth. This is the same pattern that I did last weekend which really wasn’t a pattern just some playing around I did. I think I chained about 15 stitches then just did rows of trebles until it looked squareish. I then changed colours and did 3 rounds of trebles as a border before the final edge in crab stitch. This is my new favourite pattern due to how simple it is but how effective it looks. I’ll be using this as a dishcloth but something like this would make a great facecloth (think easy Christmas gifts) or an easy thing to make in batches for events like mother’s day stalls at schools or fetes. Don’t just think ladies, make it in more masculine colours and it’s an easy father’s day gift. As it is 100% cotton yarn it won’t scratch metal surfaces so can be used on cars and appliances.

Crab Stitch Dishcloth Play

The exciting news is that I’ve almost finished my Pamuke blanket and desperately want to get if finished by next weekend even though I’m not giving it as a gift until September (in my mind I want to get it finished before the couple fly out overseas) I decided for the final edge I would do crab stitch but I wanted to try out first on a smaller project just to get my head around it. A dishcloth is the perfect project to try out new stitches on plus I haven’t made any in a while so I need more.

Crab Stitch Dishcloth Play

Yes I know my centre square is a little off as I descreased some of my rows by accident by not going into the final stitch. I’m thinking it has butterfly shape to it.

YouTube On TV

The other exciting news is that I’ve now got a set top box connected to my TV and it lets me watch YouTube on a large screen. Yep life will never be the same again. It is perfect for all those sewing and yarn tutorials. Finally I’ve found things on TV I want to watch 🙂 Previously I’d watch a couple of clips on crab stitch but yesterday morning I sat there and watched clip after clip as I worked on my dishcloth.

Crab Stitch Dishcloth Play Edge

With crab stitch you work your stitches backwards along the row. For a right handed person instead of working your stitches right to left across your row, you work them left to right. I found this fairly easy to do. It is a very quick stitch to do. Normally I like flat edges on borders but this gives a bit of texture to the edge but in a even sort of way. I really like it I may be wrong but from what I’ve read / heard unlike other forms for edging you can’t do any other stitches on top of the crab stitch so the crab stitch is your final stitch on the item. You get a fancy edge without a lot of effort.


Sunny CAL Week 8

SC - Square 12 Completed

This week I did finish square 12 and was able to make a start on square 13. I did have a moment of panic when I cut my tail at the end of the colour block but forgot to fasten the knot before pulling to secure it. Lucky I was able to redo the few stitches I accidentally frogged back and secure the row. I must admit I am starting to get lazy and I’m not always measuring my width after each colour round. I’m keeping my stitches the same so I figured it should be the same.

I can’t believe I’m up to showing the last 2 blocks of this blanket! You will find Lucy’s post about them here  I’ve had so much fun making this.

Square 15

SC - Square 15

Row 1 – Spice Row 9 – Plum
Row 2 – Sage Row 10 – Wisteria
Row 3 – Petrol Row 11 – Aster
Row 4 – Magenta Row 12 – Claret
Row 5 – Lipstick Row 13 – Fondant
Row 6 – Lime Row 14 – Violet
Row 7 – Meadow Row 15 – Turquoise
Row 8 – Shrimp Row 16 – Bright Pink

Square 16

SC - Square 16

Row 1 – Petrol Row 9 – Meadow
Row 2 – Claret Row 10 – Shrimp
Row 3 – Plum Row 11 – Spice
Row 4 – Sage Row 12 – Violet
Row 5 – Aster Row 13 – Lime
Row 6 – Bright Pink Row 14 – Magenta
Row 7 – Lipstick Row 15 – Fondant
Row 8 – Turquoise Row 16 – Wisteria

I’m hoping to have the remaining blocks finished in the next couple of weeks or so. Once they are completed I will show them on here. The fun part after the squares are completed it to sew in all the ends and block them. Oh well its a job that has to be done.

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Happy Crocheting.