Green PJ Top

2017 was the last time I made pj tops and they are still going strong. They are a little stretched out now and fit more light nighties instead of tops but they are still wearable. You can see my previous versions here and here. At the start of last year after finding a green cotton knit in my stash I thought I would make another top.

I used the Kwik Sew K4088 pattern which is the same one I used last time. It is a men’s pattern but I like it because it is a roomy top. Once again I made size XXL.

The fabric was a heavier cotton knit than I used last time. Like when I made my previous ones I didn’t finish off the hems. Call it conserving resources (thread, power, time) call it laziness. Knit fabric doesn’t fray so there wasn’t any real need to finish the hems. It does mean they roll a little but it’s a PJ top so it doesn’t matter I don’t think. The side seams on my previous tops haven’t come undone as I stitched them on the overlocker so these seams will also be fine.

At first I thought the fit was good. Upon wearing it a few times my mind changed a little. I know in recent years my rounded shoulders have become worse. Wearing this top it became apparent. At times I feel like it is choking me a little. It isn’t totally uncomfortable but I just notice it a little. As my other shirts are so stretched out I don’t notice it but as this top is new and maybe a little more stable knit I can feel the difference.



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