Failed Patch Pocket Finished

In 2020 when making my Melbourne Tote Bag I attempted to make a patch pocket but failed miserably. I just couldn’t get my head around how to enclose all the edges and turn it right side out. For that bag I ended up doing a different style pocket.

For about 18 months that failed pocket shuffled around living on my craft table, lounge chair, ironing board and craft trolley before finally going on the shelving inside my cutting table with a heap of other UFPs (unfinished projectcs) It was too good to just toss out but I didn’t know what to do with it. In February I pulled it out and finished it off.

The outside of the pocket was complete and all edges finished. It was only the inside of the pocket which had raw edges. The simplest way to finish the edges was to sew bias binding over them. I make a lot of bias binding. It is very easy to make your own continuous bias binding from just a strip of fabric. I keep all my leftover pieces as they come in very handy for all sorts of projects. In my leftover stash I found a piece that just the right size to go all the way around. I stitched the binding around the edge, folded it over then hand stitched it down.

This project was so quick to finish I don’t know why I didn’t think of the idea of using bias binding at the time. Sometimes I tend to overthink projects and that was the case with this failed pocket. I had to stop thinking of it as a patch pocket and look at as a zipper pouch. 

Mr StitchNSew has claimed it as I had no use for it. It is good that it is finished and I’m no longer shuffling it about my craft areas. A long time coming but it is done and I got to use up one piece from my bias binding leftovers. 



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