Sydney Frocktails 2022

After a 3 year hiatus Sydney Frocktails finally made a comeback and I had to be part of it. If you are unfamiliar with the term Frocktails it is basically a party for people who make their own clothes to come together for an evening of hanging out and chatting about all things sewing. It is the only time that you can go up to random strangers and start feeling what they are wearing without getting arrested for it! I actually heard the phrase “It is like the Oscars, so who are you wearing?” It is a fun night, you can go up to anyone and just start chatting about patterns and fabrics.

Frocktails is a weekend for me and not just a night. It is always held in the city so Womble and I go into the city for a couple of nights as a mini holiday, I take a day off work, we go in Friday and come back Sunday. It makes it more enjoyable and at the end of the night I only have to jump in a taxi back to the hotel instead of trying to get back to western Sydney where we live. This time we stayed at a new hotel for us. It was our first time away in over 3 years so it was actually a weekend I was looking forward to from August when Frocktails was announced, and tickets went on sale.

For my outfit this time call it cheating, call it one I prepaid earlier, I wore what I originally had planned on wearing to Frocktails 2020. After I made my outfit I then decided not to go as it was close to when were about to move but Covid cancelled the event anyway. It was a Cashmerette outfit of the Cedar Dolmain top and Turner Skirt (hack of the Turner Dress) I did actually make a couple of accessories to go with my main outfit so I did do a little Frocktails sewing. I didn’t have a suitable bag so I made a Mini Day Tripper by DUMD patterns and Burda cape. Both items I have made before and will do details posts on them in the future. An hour before the event I found myself at the hotel hand sewing the ear loops of a black reusable masks I brought for the event as it was too big for me when I tried it on prior to leaving.

Normally at any event the introvert in me takes over and I have to leave after a certain time, I did have a moment where I had to step away from the main crowd as it just got too much for me. I went to a quieter area, ended up chatting to someone I know from Instagram but had never chatted to before, someone else joined us and we had a really insightful conversation about textile production and sewing. The time out just made me at ease again so that I could go back to the crowd. I did step out of my comfort zone a little mingling more than I normally do. It was really enjoyable night. The night was 5 hours and I stayed for over 4 hours which is really good for me. For the last 2 nearly 3 years as we’ve all had to stay isolated as such, you became closer to those online, as really they were your contact to the outside world. If you followed people of Instagram or were in a Facebook group together, you got to know them a bit more. At an event like Frocktails you were having real life conversations with people you have connected too online for so long, you were meeting your online friends in real life. Many people made the comment “I haven’t talked this much in 3 years”

As an adult it is fun to get a “goodie bag” as you leave a party and all attendees got the best goodie bag ever. It was filled with some many treats it was hard to photograph. Some of the items included

  • 1m of fabric from Lush Fabrics
  • 2 sewing patterns
  • Pressing cloth
  • Tape measure
  • Christmas decoration
  • Nail file
  • Sew In labels
  • Point turner
  • Seam gauge
  • Discount vouchers
  • Fabric swatches

Each bag contained a different piece of fabric with a note saying what the fabric was. I got a black rib knit DTY. It is lovely and soft but I’m not sure what I will make with it yet. The Style Arc pattern looks interesting so I might venture out of my comfort zone and give it a try. The labels I know I won’t use so I plan on contacting an Instagram buddy to see if she would like them. 

The date for Frocktails 2023 has already been announced and I have told Womble we’re away that weekend. It should be fun. Now to start planning on my outfit.



2 thoughts on “Sydney Frocktails 2022

  1. Your big beautiful smile says it all! Sounds like a wonderful gathering. Your outfit is lovely. It’s reassuring to read how others are coping with the challenges of what I call “social re-entry.” Thank you.

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