Remembrance Day Display

At the end of September I found out that the Sydney Eye Hospital had put out all the call asking people to make poppies for their Remembrance Day display. I knew straight away it was a project I wanted to be part of.

On the hospital’s website was a link to a couple of patterns but you could use any pattern. The poppies could be made from any media but I opted for knitted ones. I used one of the patterns on the link but did it a little different.

Basic Pattern using straight needles
Cast on 52

Rows 1 – 6 knit 2×2 rib in red yarn
Rows 7 – 9 k2tog in black yarn
Cut yarn, thread through remain stitches and pull tight

Seam up side seam of poppy

I used the same pattern but instead of using straight needles I used a circular needle, joined the stitches in the round and knitted them magic loop style. It was similar size to knitting the cuff on a sock. Using magic loop eliminated the side seam at the end, I’m not good at doing seams. The poppies were really quick to knit up.

When you do the magic loop method if you do knit stitches every row all your knit stitches appear as pearl stitches every row, it does my head in how that happens. For the first poppy I made when doing the decreases I alternated each row doing k2tog on the first row, p2tog on the second row, k2tog third row. By switching between knit stitches and pearl stitches each row it creates a garter stitch pattern. As the black section was only 3 rows long from the second poppy on I didn’t bother changing stitches each row as you couldn’t tell. It made the pattern super easy to remember – 52 stitches, rib 6 rows, decrease 3 rows, end off

For the yarn I used 8ply acrylic yarn that was in my stash. In the end I managed 36 poppies in around 2 weeks of knitting.

By chance we were in Sydney on Remembrance Day and were able to visit the display. It was lovely to see the field of poppies. I’m proud that I was able to contribute to it.



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