My Beanie

Long before I even contemplated doing a wardrobe stocktake a black beanie was something I knew I wanted to knit as I didn’t have any beanies. Years before I tried to knit one with leftover yarn from my magician’s cape but I couldn’t get the pattern right so I abandoned that one. Just after we moved in 2020 I again attempted another beanie but I think at the time I struggled seeing the yarn so not long after it was cast on I put it in the naughty corner and later pulled it off the needles. This year I was motivated to try it again. I am sensitive to yarn so I’m actually glad years ago I never made the beanie with leftover yarn as I wouldn’t have worn it. I’ve worked out I can wear wool or acrylic yarn providing it isn’t touching my skin directly. A beanie would get hot and itchy on my forehead.

For this beanie I used 4ply cotton yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills. The pattern used was Sockhead Slouch Hat. This is my go to 4ply beanie pattern. It is an easy pattern to follow. I made the largest size as I didn’t want a tight beanie to avoid any chance of skin irritation even with cotton. I have used this pattern many times before and its is a very quick knit taking less than 2 weeks. I worked on it a bit each day. I took it as my project for the Knit In Public outing. I wanted mindless knitting to take to it so that was my motivation to get it started the weekend prior. It is funny thinking back 2 years ago I struggled to knit it but this time around it flew off my needles.

Beanies suit some people but I’m not sure if I am one of them but I don’t care. I wore it a few times this winter and it served its purpose. My head was warm, I was warm and that is all that matters



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