Wardrobe Stocktake

My pledge for Me Made May this year was to do a stocktake of my entire wardrobe to see what clothing I had. I underestimated how many clothes and accessories (shawls/wraps, hats) I owned. I didn’t include socks, bras or a dressing gown. As I was going through my wardrobe I was culling items that I could clearly donate or upcycle but I kept 142 items! For me that seems a lot. I worked out my wardrobe is 45% me made and 55% ready to wear. That surprised me as I wear me made nearly every day but clearly what I wear regularly is not the entire 142 items. Unless I don’t like an item of clothing anymore and donate it I have tendency to hang on to clothing until it becomes unwearable, a few of the 142 items are becoming that way. There is a lot of items taking up space which I need to think about.

Me Made – 12
RTW – 34
Total – 46

I have included my pj tops in this category. Before I started I knew a big portion of my wardrobe is my “work” shirts. I have the same style in 13 colours which I rotate through. There is only 1 which I need to see if it is comfortable as I don’t wear that one often. The other tops are a heap of ready to wear t-shirts and polos. Some I do wear but there is a few that aren’t good enough to donate and I can’t think of a way to upcycle them at this point. As for the others I need to remember that I have them and start wearing them more, perhaps some of the ready to wear tops that are large enough I could wear as pj tops. My Concord I have only worn once or twice as I wasn’t happy with the fit. I’d hung on to it thinking maybe I could use it as a reference if I make the pattern again. Part of me is saying “unpick it and turn it into undies instead” Still pondering what to do with it. My black Cedar I’m tempted to turn into a black handbag (don’t have one) as I’m unlikely to wear it again. I can’t justify making any more tops for the moment.

Me Made – 7
RTW – 12
Total – 19

Again pj pants are included in this category (my pjs don’t match) The majority of my pants are gym tights. A few years ago outside work I was living in gym tights which explains why I have so many. Now days I’m wearing my me made pants and generally only wearing gym tights when exercising. The other ready to wear pants are summer pj bottoms. I’ll keep wearing them until they are no longer functional. I need regular shorts so will have to make those. I think I could use at least another pair of long pants as well as another pair of winter pjs.

Me Made – 9
RTW – 0
Total – 9

In warmer weather I do wear my York Pinafores and my t-shirt dress. Maybe in winter I could wear gym tights under them. I haven’t worn my Appleton since I made it, I wasn’t happy with the fit. I haven’t worn my Washington in a few years. The neckline on it stretched out and it fell off my shoulders. Both dresses I’ve kept for the same reason I’ve kept my Concord to use it as a reference again if I make another. I do have one more York that has been cut out for over a year! I’m not sure yet if I will finish it because at this point I don’t need anymore dresses, I could use the fabric for something else even with it cut.

Me Made – 10
RTW – 0
Total – 10

All my skirts are me made now! I do have a couple of older skirts which I haven’t worn since I started making Turner skirts. I’m thinking those I could unpick and reuse the fabric. Even though I don’t really need any more skirts I have at least 2 I want to make (one is already partially cut out) These are fun fabrics which perfect for my work place (paediatric hospital) Apart from this year when I didn’t have suitable shoes I wear skirts all spring, summer and autumn. Once I make the others 12 should do me.

Me Made – 4
RTW – 20
Total – 24

I have some me made items in this category but the majority are store brought. I’m tempted to donate my denim jacket as I haven’t worn it in years and I don’t see myself wearing it anytime soon. My head is saying “A denim jacket is a wardrobe staple, you need one” but it is totally ok with now not owning jeans which is also meant to be a wardrobe must have. I have one cotton jacket which is too big. Years ago I tried shrinking it without success. I’m going to try and upcycle it at some point into another jacket or vest. I have 4 jumpers which I don’t wear. One was my favourite but has a stain which can’t be removed. It has amazing embroidery on it so perhaps I can salvage that and use it in another project. 2 don’t fit because the neckline has stretched out and I’m paranoid about getting a chill on my shoulders. One was just a house jumper so maybe I can try and remake it smaller, the other 2 I just hang on to for some reason.

Me Made – 14
RTW – 1
Total – 15

I know that I have more than I need (another is still on my needles) I enjoy knitting and crocheting them. The ones that I have kept are only in the natural fibres that I like. The only ready to wear one I own is a black velveteen which I’m keeping on the off chance I go anywhere fancy and need a largish black wrap. I’m tempted to unpick my Meld shawl and repurpose the yarn as I never wear it (too small) I need me to knit myself a cotton beanie. I don’t have one.

Me Made – 9
RTW – 10
Total – 19

I included a me made bralette (yet to be blogged about) the rest were just undies. Some of the 10 ready to wear ones will soon be unwearable. I’m a person who likes a lot of undies so I’m not alarmed by the numbers and actually think I will make a few more.

I’m glad I set the wardrobe stocktake as my challenge. It gave me the chance to see exactly what items I kept after the move. As mentioned above I have kept onto items which I’m unlikely to wear so I need to address those. They are taking up the limited space I have. At this point I’m feeling a little conflicted. I want to keep making clothes but I can’t justify it after seeing what I already still own. I might start by making the items I know I’m missing or need more of. As I was doing my count I was writing all the items down so I might sit and look back at my lists to see which items I can pass on or unpick. Strangely I like unpicking items so it actually a relaxing task for me.

Over the coming months I will do some clothing blog posts but they are all clothing that I made earlier this year. 



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