Heart Card

I have never been a card maker, paper craft just isn’t something that has interested me. I’m not a big card giver either. I generally just buy cheap $1 from the shops. In recent years I have been struggling to get nice cheap ones particularly for kids.  After reading How To Sew Sustainably I was inspired to make my own using fabric scraps.  

After some research it seems fabric cards are popular these days. Most people are cardstock as a base and put the fabric on that. I wanted to make a card to go with the Special Knitting Bag. I didn’t have cardstock in my stash so I decided to upcycle a grocery box. There was a print on one side of the box so I used two pieces of shantung to cover it. The only down side to the cardboard was I couldn’t write on it as it must have some sort of coating or was too thick so I had to place white paper against the cardboard to write on.  

Using my sizzix big shot I cut out 3 different size heart motives from the leftover lace. I placed the hearts on top of each other and hand stitched it to the shantung by doing a running stitch through the centre heart.  I folded the fabric over the cardboard print, placed the white paper against the underside and stitched it in place using a 4.00mm stitch length. This was a little tricky trying to get it all flat as the fabric was bulky and perhaps I should’ve cut the fabric to size after I had attached it to the card.  

I will be honest this card isn’t the neatest of finishes. I enjoyed making it. I tried out some ideas and found out what worked and what didn’t. I love that I was able to making a matching card and it has certainly given me ideas for the future. 

This post almost didn’t happen. All the photos I took on my camera weren’t usable but I was lucky to still find a couple I had take on my phone. Just a little advice if you are wanting to take photos to use in something special if possible take them using 2 different sources and don’t delete them until you know for certain you have the special photo you need. 



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