Umbrella Bag

I had the idea to make this bag towards the end of last year but it wasn’t until February that it came about.

I’m sure you have seen those machines outside venues that dispenses a plastic bag for wet umbrellas. Those machines are invaluable when it comes to reducing slippery floors caused by dripping umbrellas. As someone who uses a mobility aid wet floors are dangerous and it is more than a little scary when your mobility aid slips out from under you. However in my bid to reduce my single use item consumption it was an area I knew I could immediately make a difference in by being prepared and carrying my own wet umbrella bag.

The fabric I made this bag from was PUL that was in my stash. One side it is like a stretchy knit fabric and on the other side it has a waterproof coating making it perfect for holding something wet. This bag was really simple to make, it was just matter of measuring my umbrella than cutting a simple bag based on those dimension. I cut the fabric on the fold so the only stitching I needed to do was on each of the longs sides and a folded hem at the top.

The bag is pretty snug with the umbrella in it but there is a chance that it will slip off the end. To secure it around the top of the closed umbrella I stitched on a simple wrap around strap with a press snap. To make the strap I cut a strip of fabric and stitch it right sides together to make a tube before turning it out and stitching a long each side. I didn’t even bother turning the small ends in. I did stitch a square shape at each end to reinforce the area that I was going to put the snap on. It is easy to open and close. To dry out the bag when I get home I turn it inside and use the strap as a hanging loop to hang it up to dry.

February and March so far have been very wet months in Sydney. This bag has gotten a lot of use since it was made. I’m really happy with this bag. It is reducing my single use plastic consumption (every bit helps) I was able to use up leftover fabric from my stash. It is a practical item. Overall a winning project in my books. 



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