Crochet Cord

Some posts jump my blogging queue and this is one of them as I was just a wee bit excited over discovering it.

I needed a drawstring cord for a bag. I could have knitted an I-Cord which is relaxing but would’ve taken some time and I needed the cord so I could finish the project. I looked on Youtube to see if there was some sort of crochet version I could make and I came across a few tutorials. Crocheting a cord is pretty easy and quick. The tutorial I liked the most was from Pora Pora Crochet. It is demonstrated in 2 colours making it easier to follow. There isn’t any talking with all the instructions written on the screen each step so you could watch it without sound which is how I first watched it and still understand what is going on. This is good if you are having to refer back to it whilst for example watching tv in a room with others. The technique is basically using 2 yarns you make a slip knot with both yarns then with your bottom yarn you are doing a yarn over the hook each time and with your top yarn you are pulling it through the yarn over and the chain already on your hook. Essentially you are just making a basic crochet chain with your top yarn but your going over the extra yarn which is your bottom yarn.

To demonstrate it here I did it in 2 colours so you can see it. I’m sorry if some of the photos aren’t the clearest I got a new camera towards the end of last year and I still haven’t played with it fully so some of my close ups are a little off.

The purple was my top yarn that I was creating my chains with and the orange was the yarn I was doing the yarn overs with. From the side you can see the clear contrast of colours. If you look down from the top all you can see are the purple crochet stitches. On the underside you can orange bumps. The other side is also a mixture of the 2 colours.

For my drawstring I did it in white. I used the one ball of yarn and had one yarn pulling from the centre of the ball and one pull from the outside of the ball. In the one colour it just looks like a cord. It doesn’t look messy. In the 2 colours apart from the nice side where it was 2 clear contrast rows it does look messy. It was a bit tricky weaving in my ends. There wasn’t really a core section I could see to push them into. For each yarn tail I just weaved it in and out of a few stitches for about an inch or so and then cut it.

This method of making a cord took no time at all. Like anything new it did feel a little foreign at first but after a few stitches I got in a groove and it was easy. I would suggest though you do need to keep your tension tight to get a nice cord. If you don’t pull your stitches tight it will show and be a little floppy.



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