Cedar Dolman Top – Jersey Knit Version

The Cedar Dolman Top by Cashmerette patterns is a top I had made previously twice before. Looking back through the blog I now realise I hadn’t actually shown my 2nd one which I made at the start of 2020 so I will show that one at some point.

You can make the Cedar in either woven or knit fabric. I had only ever made it out of wovens but wanted to try it in a knit. I have an Art Gallery knit in my stash which I would like to make it in one day but before I used my “good” fabric I wanted to try it out to see if I liked it in a knit. I was originally going to make it in a grey fabric but to be perfectly honest I had blue thread in my overlocker which I was too lazy to change and I wanted to get this made to tick off a theme on my sewing bingo card so I found a blue knit fabric thinking that will do. I have no idea where I got this fabric from or how long I’ve had it in my stash. It is a jersey knit fabric so it is very light and floaty.

The size I made I believe is 18 which is the same size as the previous ones I made in the woven. I did do a few modifications to the pattern which were

♡ Front piece cut on the fold
♡ Added 4.5″ to the bottom instead of adding on the bottom band
♡ Brought in the shoulders 0.5″ each side
♡ Added 1″ to the sleeves so I could just fold them back to hem
♡ Drafted a neckband once the shoulders were sewn instead of making the facing

The neckband, add length to the bottom and cutting on the fold I had done previously. I think a seam done my front would annoy me. Adding the extra length meant less sewing without the need to add the bottom band and as with the sleeves I was able to just fold over the edge to hem it. With the neckline I’m not sure if bringing it in made much difference. It was a nice exercise to try though. When you are wearing it the neckline does looks a little baggy but I’m not worried. I’m also finding the hem is flipping up a bit due to the lightness of the fabric. Once again this isn’t causing an issue wearing it but next time I sew with light weight knits I might use knit interfacing in the hems to keep them down.

Once the top was finished I was actually surprised at how much I liked it. I love the colour. It is really comfortable. I can see myself wearing this a lot. At the moment I only have 1 top that isn’t what I call a “work” top or music band top so this addition to my wardrobe will get a lot of wear. Since making it in July I have worn it a lot both at home and on the weekends. I can see myself making more of this pattern now in knits.


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