It’s Not The Death Star

So if I had paid more attention to dates I would’ve posted this on the 4th May but I didn’t think of that.
My bestfriend B hinted she needed a new bag and straight away I knew what to make her for her birthday with the perfect project in mind.

I mentioned in another post that my go to gift pattern this year is the Full Moon bag by All Well patterns. I love the circular shape of this bag and it is fairly simple to make in terms of bag making. In my stash I knew I had leftover Star Wars fabrics from previous gifts I had made B. When I walked into my craft vault the fabric gods were smiling and I was able to locate the scraps instantly. Knowing I wouldn’t have enough fabrics for the entire bag I teamed them up with black cotton twill from my stash which I again found very quickly.

I did modify the pattern slightly. Aside from again using cottons not canvas and putting interfacing between the layers to give it structure I added in tabs on the outside of the gusset to thread an adjustable strap through. Originally I had lobster claws on the strap to attach it to the rectangle bag findings on the bag. When hanging the bag was lopsided and it didn’t look right as the straps kept drifting to one end of the rectangle. Fortunately I had enough length in the strap so I removed the claps and threaded the ends of the straps straight through the rectangle pieces. The bag sat flush and there was no movement.

I used the Star Wars fabric for both in the exterior and interior sides of the bag and the pockets. The black print on the outside blended in with the cotton drill and it didn’t look obvious that I was short of fabric. On the interior pocket I did a line of top stitched halfway down it to split it into 2 sections so you could place keys or a phone in it.

When it came to binding the raw edges on the inside I attached the binding a little differently to my normal way. With binding I normally first iron it in half with raw edges together, attach it to the project with all the raw edges together and slip the the folded edge over all the edges to enclose it. This time I stitched the binding on flat aligning only 1 raw edge of the binding to the raw edges of the bag. Once it was on I folded the other raw edge of the binding over enclosing all the raw edges and slip stitched it in place by hand. I got a much neater finish this way.

Not knowing a thing about Star Wars I thought I would call this bag the Death Star because of the shape until I randomly quizzed B about it who informed me in Star Wars the Death Star was a bad thing so this bag is not the Death Star. I still have a small amount of the fabrics left so who knows what other projects I will come up with to use them up in.



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