Barber’s Cape

Home haircuts have been something that I had been doing at our place long before Covid for 2 reasons. When I first started doing them I had long straight hair which was really easy to cut when it got to a length that was annoying me. When I decided I wanted an undercut I did it myself and still do it now whenever I want. Cutting my own hair saved money which I then could put to buying craft supplies. Mr StitchNSew asked if I could start cutting his hair when he found it difficult and uncomfortable having a hairdresser cut his hair due to his medical issues. A barber’s cape is a piece I had been meaning to make for years to use instead of just wrapping a towel around Mr StitchNSew.

The pattern I used was Burda 7313 view D. It is the most simplest cape you will ever make which makes me kick myself for not getting off my butt and making it sooner. All you do is take a single piece of fabric and as per the markings on the pattern split a portion of the fabric up the centre to make the front sections before finishing off the raw edges.

For the fabric my first thought was to use a nylon to make this but the nylon I had in my stash was too ridged and had like a plastic coating on the back so it wasn’t suitable for this. Instead I found some polyester lining fabric. It had the drape I was after and the texture was smooth so perfect for this project. I finishing off all the raw edges with the overlocker than folded back and top stitched down around the front section where I split it.

To secure it I cut 2 pieces of velcro I found in my stash and stitched them on either side of the shoulder sections so both sides of the front section would stay in place and not slip down. Each velcro piece is only about 2-3 cms long.

Originally I had Miss Henny model this but she was a little bit on the scary side! Luckily Mr StitchNSew took one look at her and offered to model it for me. This was an overall project success. It is a practical item we can use, I like practical things. I used fabric from my stash that I was probably unlikely to use in anything else (not a big polyester fan) I even used up a small piece of velcro which was leftover from another project so decluttered an item from my stash.



2 thoughts on “Barber’s Cape

  1. That’s great! And it’ll last a lot longer than a plastic one. I’ve been cutting my sons’ hair for years, since they were small. The oldest is 29 now and still likes me to do it. And I’ve been cutting my own the last couple of years too.

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