Appleton Dress

From the start I will say some projects I finish and love other projects I finish and think ok its nice but I don’t love it. This is one of those I don’t love it projects.

The Appleton Dress by Cashmerette patterns is a pattern I’ve had in my stash for a few years. I actually started making this dress in early 2019. I had cut all the pieces out but due to the fact I wasn’t familiar with making a wrap dress and I wanted to change it slightly the project involved a lot of thinking/figuring out and I didn’t have the mental energy to deal with it so it went in the too hard basket. This year I pulled it out and made it.

I used a cotton jersey knit from my stash which had a daisy print on it. From the front it does look like a nice dress. The length is good, the sleeves are a little snug but not uncomfortable.

I was worried it would be a little low cut for me as I like a higher neckline. Across the bust area I’m reasonably happy with it, I would possibly like it higher but I would be comfortable to wear it out like this.

The neckline gapping a bit at the back. I have rounded shoulders and they have gotten worse since I cut this dress out. The back of the dress does look a little snug but I always wear a jacket so you wouldn’t even see this so again I’m not worried.

The pattern is designed to be tied up on the left hand side of the dress. I don’t think like things tied on my left side as they can get caught on the crutch when I walk. I changed the pattern around so it would be tied up on the right hand side. The dress has 2 front panel pieces marked left and right with a gap marked on the right hand piece to thread the ties through once the side seam is done. The 2 front pieces are slightly different widths across the bust area and the neckband which runs across both front panels is pieced to match each front panel. I swapped the panel pieces around so the tie gap would be on the left side so I could tie it on the right. I also had to flip the neckband pieces around. It sounds simple now but in 2019 my head was struggling to figure it all out. I’m happy with how it is tied up on right. The ties are out of the way and no bulk on the left side.

The reason why I don’t love this project is when I stand side on I look pregnant. Maybe it is because the dress is too small. I am around the same weight I was at the time I cut this out so I don’t think it is that. Maybe I tied it up too tight but if I had it any looser the front would gap too much. The tie gap is quite high so maybe I need to have that lower so that it pulls in more around my waist and not under the bust area.

Will I ever wear this? At this point I’m likely to say no. With a jacket or coat over the top yes I would wear this out but there is no way the jacket or coat is being worn open or coming off. I have worn wrap tops in the past which had ties lower down and they looked ok. I don’t know if the Appleton is the right pattern for me. At this point I have no urge to pull out fabric and try it again but you never know I might change my mind at some point.


One thought on “Appleton Dress

  1. As a sewer and lover of clothes that look good on whoever wears them, I say please donate that pattern. It is not you.
    I have made heaps of clothes over the years trying to find the correct fit for me and made the decision about 30 years ago to give them away to someone that they fit. Made garment and pattern.
    First item I did this – the receiver thought I was nuts as it fitted her so well. Took ages to convince her that the garment didn’t fit me well, when it fitted her perfectly so there was no point my keeping the pattern. She finally took both. 🙂
    I had spent ages on that pattern and garment. The hardest thing was deciding to give it away, lock stock and barrel.
    You did a great job swapping sides over on the front. I also tie mine on the right.

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