Inside My Sewing Foot Pedal

We have a ghost. He is a friendly ghost not a spooky haunting ghost. He has been around for years and even moved house with us last year. Little things occur around the house at times that can’t be explained. The kettle might turn on by itself or you will hear someone walk down the hall but no one is there. On Saturday morning he even turned the tv on in the bedroom.

For a couple of years now the ghost would even sew. I would take my foot off the foot pedal and the machine would sew for an extra stitch or two. It was never an issue. One day the ghost took things to far. I took my foot off the pedal and the machine wouldn’t stop. Normally if I pressed the lock stitch on my machine that would stop the ghost but not this time. I checked the foot pedal wasn’t stuck under my table, pressed buttons on my machine and it just kept stitching. You can operate my machine without the foot control plugged in by a start/stop button. I pulled out the foot control and pressed the stop button which stopped it. I put a SOS out to my Facebook friends asking has this occurred to anyone else. Turns out it wasn’t the ghost misbehaving instead an issue with the sewing foot pedal. Apparently the inside of the sewing pedal can get dirty. I had never thought about it before. I wipe down the outside of it every now and then but have never thought about what was going on inside. One friend gave me instructions on how to clean the inside as told to her by a Janome dealer after she had the same issue.

I was a little nervous as to what I would find on the inside after another friend had mentioned dead bugs, we had lots of dead bugs at the old place and didn’t know where some went to die. On the underside of the foot pedal there are 4 screws, I had to peel back the rubber stoppers to access 2 of the screws. You undo the screws with a regular screw driver.

As I slowly pulled open the back covering my first thought yes no bugs! As you can see it was little bit dusty in there. To be honest it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, in my mind I was thinking large dust and fur balls. Using a paint brush which I use to clean out the bobbin area of my machine I dusted it out. I pressed the white lever and it looked ok. There was no obvious connection issues as all the wires looked intact. I think you can wipe over the lever with a cotton tip and some rubbing alcohol if you had any. I didn’t wipe it over this time but I might rub an alcol wipe next time. It was interesting looking inside it. I don’t know anything about electronics but I like looking inside of things and trying to figure out how they work or at least the various components of them. I had never thought about what the inside of this looked like but I could identify the reel the cord wound into and the lever which activated everything when it was pushed down.

My machine is working pretty good now so it looks like the issue was dust. I’m going to regularly maybe every 6 – 12 months pull it apart and give it a clean. It makes sense that the foot pedal would need to be cleaned on the inside. It sits on the floor where there is dust and bits of threads so naturally it will pick up stuff inside it.

If you have never cleaned inside your foot pedal get out a screw driver and have a look inside. Even just looking inside may give you a better understanding on how it all works.


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