Sewing Bingo 2021

Last year PatsyPoo Makes hosted “Sewing Bngo 2020” as a fun sewing challenge through the year. It was a no stress sewing challenge where you didn’t have any set projects that you picked at the start of the year and needed to complete instead you had 9 sewing themes that you could tick off if your makes fell into the themes. It was a fun challenge. For 2021 Patsy increased the bingo card to 16 themes

The themes are

  • Long Time Coming
  • Something Special
  • More Involved
  • A Repeat
  • Print
  • Quick And Easy
  • A First
  • Fabric From Stash
  • One Piece
  • Everyday Basic
  • A Favourite
  • For Someone Else
  • Pattern From Stash
  • Separates
  • Solid
  • Spur Of The Moment

The overthinker in me really took over and I debated whether to take part this year or not particularly as it is now 16 not 9 items to get through. My only set sewing plans for the year are my charity bags and the gifts I’m making. I’m actually only using about 4 different patterns this year for all of them to keep things simple for myself. Despite the extra themes and limited sewing plans I decided to take part again. I’m not putting pressure on myself to get all the themes ticked off and I’m not going to sew something just to fit a theme.

I should have written this blog post last weekend but I was actually busy sewing! I have managed to tick off one of the themes so far. I won’t go into the project details as I am planning on writing a couple of blog posts later on about it. For the remaining 15 themes the overthinker in me has been at work. I know of a couple I can tick off from the items I plan on making. I’m not sewing just to fit a theme however there are projects in my head I’ve wanted to make which may fit some themes so it might be motivation to finally get in and do them if I have time. Some themes I’m going to have to think outside the box eg One Piece – To me that screams swimsuit but that is not going to happen. Bingo this year is just a bit of fun. If I get things ticked off great if not meh not the end of the world.


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