Stick Blender Storage Bag

I don’t sew a lot for the home. Home decorating isn’t my thing. I do like making practical useful items though.

Problem – Stick blender and accessories stored in overhead kitchen cupboard which is difficult to reach
Solution – Storage bag with handle

I used my TNT (tried and tested) Dog Under My Desk Essential Wristlet pattern. The boxed corner version is my go to zipper pouch pattern, I have never counted how many I have made over the years as gifts or to use a home but it is my most made pattern ever without doubt. Years ago when I first made it I printed out the standard large box corner version at 150% instead of 100%. I call this my XL version. Using one I had already made I tried putting all the blender bits inside it but it was a bit small to use easily. No problem lets go bigger.

To print out the size I was after I would need an A3 printer. The pattern shape reminds me of Snoopy’s house as it is giant trapezium with a smaller rectangle underneath to make the box corners.  I decided to use the print out from the XL which I still have and add in the extra length and width. I trace my pattern pieces onto trace and toile so I can pin them to the fabric. I’m a pinner or tracer not a fabric weights person. I decided to add in 2″ to length and 2″ to the side depth. I drew my straight line for the top edge then placed the print out underneath to get my top corners the correct angle and drew out my sides from there. Initially when I drew up the bottom rectangle the box corner section didn’t look in proportion to the sides so I increased the depth of the rectangle section to 3″ so the it would be the same as the top triangle that comes in.

The side handle I made up. The handle I cut 4″ x 14″ To attach it I first stitched up the side together on the closed end of the zipper side. This allowed me to open the seam nearly completely flat and attach the handle ends. I folded the handle in half and just eyeballed where to place it ensuring that it wouldn’t get caught up the corner section when I did the box corners and that it was about the same distance from the side seam on both sides.

This fits really well in the overhead cupboard. You can easily grab it with one hand now. Even if it gets pushed into the cupboard a little bit you can still reach for it via the handle or a claw grabber which gets used a lot in our place. The handle is strong enough that you can hold it by the handle if you need too but I mostly hold it with 2 hands as it I lower it down from above.

I’m really happy with this. It solved the storage problem we had. The fabric and zipper came from my stash so it was a free project. This XXL size is a great size. It fits all the stick blender accessories in it. As I was making this my brain was ticking with ideas for other uses. This size would be a great craft project bag. I can fit 2-3 balls of yarn in the XL size so I think this one could be 4-5. If you liked embroidery you could fit your project and accessories in it. I will be making this size as I have already cut one out for me.




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