Blue Crocheted Poncho

It seems it just isn’t summer unless I start making a large yarn project. It is a habit I have and it was certainly the case last summer when I started this poncho.

Ok for the technical details as I always forget to add this information in. The pattern is Emelyn Cowl Neck Poncho which is available on Ravelry in the size Adult. The yarn used is Stylecraft Special Aran in Empire and Graphite. I used a 6.0mm hook.

Wait a minute cowl neck poncho where is the cowl? The cowl is last section of the poncho. It is crocheted as a flat rectangle in rows which you join to the neckline each row as you go along until you come full circle back to the start. I originally started making the cowl section but my stitch count was off and I ended up with a rather massive odd shape that kept growing as I crocheted it. I was the issue not the pattern instructions. That was back in April. I ripped back the cowl and left it until I was in a better headspace after the move. I picked it up this month and had an honest think about it. Even though the yarn is a really soft acrylic with my yarn sensitive I knew it would end up irritating me if I got hot underneath it so I opted to leave it off. I actually like it without the cowl. The neck isn’t too wide and I’ll wear it with a cowl around my neck anyway so I will still get the coverage.

As soon as I saw this pattern I instantly knew I wanted to make it. A lot of ponchos are joined at the side. This one isn’t which was a big drawcard. I walk with a crutch and I need my arms fully free so that I can swing the crutch without restrictions. I find ponchos that are joined at the side restrict me. This poncho gives me the coverage over my shoulders but allows me to move my arm as wide as I need to.

My contrasting colour blocks are a little different to the pattern. I under estimated how much contrasting colour I needed. This is crocheted as one piece with the shoulder section done in the contrasting colour as one block of colour. As I was doing the colour block near the top of the front I realised I wouldn’t have enough yarn so I only did a small section (counting how many rows I did) then repeated the same colour combinations on the back. If I hadn’t said anything you would never have known. I kind of like just the small contrasting colour blocks.

It isn’t 100% to the pattern but I’m really happy with it. Without the cowl I know I will get a lot of wear from it next winter. It is very soft and squishy. I’ll wear it to work with my work jumper under it and a cowl or shawl. This poncho will give me the coverage over my shoulders and lower back without restricting my movements so is a winner. I have plans to make this again in a cotton (yarn fairies are posting it as we speak) The cowl in the cotton will be more wearable for me.


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