Balcony Addition – Chairs

I never thought I would be excited over garden chairs let alone write a blog post about them but here goes.

We have lovely little balcony which is about 10 metres square in a nice rectangle shape. Aside from having an outdoor table, a storage unit and the washing airer we haven’t really utilised it that much due to the fact there wasn’t anywhere to sit. We did put an old foot stool out there but since Mr StitchNSew’s surgery he hasn’t been able to use it as it is too low to the ground. I decided we needed a pair of chairs. We had 2 options – get cheaper plastic chairs or invest in some quality aluminum chairs. Plastic chairs are great but they can be really flimsy and over time the plastic can get powdery. At our local Bunnings (hardware chain store in Australia) I found some chairs which were the same brand as our table so they kind of matched. They are aluminum with a nylon mesh seat and back which does have some padding in both. They aren’t too low to sit on and the back doesn’t lean too far back like some other chairs that were for sale at the shop.

I love our new chairs. They are so comfortable. They have changed how much we use the balcony. Admittedly I’m on holidays at the moment so I am home more but we got these a couple of weeks before my holidays started and we started using them from the day they arrived. We’ve sat at the table and eaten breakfast. I take my knitting and hand sewing out there and can do it comfortably. We live across from a busy health precinct, near the intersection of 2 main roads as well as 2 construction sites but we are still able to sit and relax out on the balcony. Both Mr StitchNSew and I are people watches so we watch the cars, trucks, buses, ambulances, helicopters go by. We watch the birds in the reserve that is below our balcony. Mr StitchNSew has set up a pot plant garden. Last week I was in a total knitting trance and didn’t even notice the fog roll in as I was sitting out there. I was relaxed and I was knitting. I don’t always find it easy to relax and I can only put it down to that I was sitting comfortably focused on my knitting.

The chairs we got weren’t the cheapest option but we invested in quality and comfort. The way we are now using the balcony they have paid for themselves already.



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