Slip Stitch Blanket

This was the first time I have knitted a blanket to a pattern. Actually it is only the 2nd blanket I have actually knitted, I have only ever really ever done crocheted blankets as they are quick to do. This didn’t take me that long to do. I started it in March and had I not made a mistake and restarted it I would have finished it a couple of weeks earlier. I also took a break from it for a couple of weeks to knit something else.

The pattern is Slip Stitch Blanket by Bendigo Woollen Mills. The yarn I used is their 8ply classic yarn in the colour of magnolia. This is a baby blanket. I like using 8ply classic for baby or gift blankets as it is machine washable. I don’t want to give someone a blanket that is high maintenance, I was it nice and easy. I want people to use the blankets I make and not be afraid to as they don’t think they can clean it. In total I used 5 and a bit balls of yarn. I could have used more of 6th ball but I wanted it finished so I had time to wash it before I give it plus I wasn’t sure of how much yarn I had left if I could stretch out a full pattern repeat and do the border.

One of the last memories I have at the old place is sitting on a recliner in loungeroom in the sun knitting thinking why didn’t I find this spot earlier! Unfortunately in the new place I put the blanket down for a few days and dropped stitches which I couldn’t salvage so I ripped it all back and started again. Due to the pattern I couldn’t easily fix it (I’ve only just learnt how to do it on garter stitch) From memory I was over 2 balls in when the disaster occurred. Originally I had used 3.75mm needles but I switched to 4mm when I restarted it. It just looked better in that slightly bigger needle. This was a really easy and relaxing knit. I had my stitch markers every 8 stitches so I didn’t really have to think and could tink back if I need too (Tink =knit backwards and is reverse knitting to fix errors) To help motivate me after restarting it I put place markers to see how much I was doing each day and each week and was surprised at home much I was getting done. Even on a slow day I was knitting 6 – 12 rows.

My OCD likes this pattern. I like the flow of the lines and pattern repeats of the slip stitch columns. It doesn’t look too busy on the eyes. I would easily make this pattern again. The pattern comes in different weight yarns so you could easily use any yarn you have.

To recap the details are

Pattern – Slip Stitch by Bendigo Woollen Mills
Yarn – Classic 8ply shade Magnolia
Needles – 4mm
Size – 30″x58″
Pattern Modifications – Placed stitch markers every 8 stitches and either side of the garter stitch edging



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